Monday, September 8, 2014

Accidental gentle homebirth of baby Aqil Iman

Disclaimer : Permission obtained from rightful owner of this birth story and originality maintain without any editing done for educational purposes.

EDD: 21 Sept
Birthing: 3 Sept

Baby Boy, Aqil Iman. 3.2 KG.

1st& 2nd sept: BH. Unconsistent, feel like period cramp.

3rd sept
4am:regular period cramp, very mild.every one hour.
Sms my husband, he' s working at pahang. Me at in laws place. keningau sabah( tukar angin nak bersalin kat sabah pula, b4 this, both of my kids were born at DEMC shah alam) . Just let him know about my current situation 

5am: mild cramping happen. So, tell my MIL to look after my kids sementara layan surge sambil tunggu husband balik. Solat subuh, then hot shower. Release skit.
Breakfast, drink rasberry tea, vco,extra virgin olive oil and papaya.

6am: sensation comes more frequent. When its come, i walk,walk and walk around the house. Zikir and practising deep breathing. Then, recite surah maryam,relaks and tertido pula.
8am: the waves came and frequent. I tak timed pun sebb malas. I just let it be  then FIL beli mee sup, i makan dlu. Tapi kurang selera, minum dan banyak kali gi tandas. Macam biasa klu dtg surge, i jalan je smpi dia brenti. Sambil i tgk scenery di luar rumah, nice view with clean environment. Non toxic and virgin air. 

Then anak2 i bangun, i join them dancing,watch hi5 and mickey mouse clubhouse:-) serius, i tak rasa sakit pun. Still bearable.
10am: the surge become intense and hard. I apply deep breathing, and zikir nabi yunus. Alhamdulillah, deep breathing i x kelaut, i manage to visualize and sampai tahap i xtakut utk next surge. 

MIL tanya nak gi hospital tak, i ckp ok mum, so dia pack barang2 i. FIL i reverse kereta untuk ke hospital.
10.15am: everything ready, i masuk bilik kejap masa surge stop sbb nak ambil dokumen and handbag. Big waves came, it feel like big poo, i stop,standing, apply deep breathing. Transition and i felt the ring of fire, sangat sekejap. 5 saat je rasanya. I sempat jerit pggl MIL, then SROM with baby head out while im standing. Our house helper mak minah dengan lajunya sambut kepala baby, everything was out with cord. Then take baby,skin to skin. He cried n i cuddle him. Accidently homebirth.
Then we went to hospital keningau to plasenta out and cord clamping. My husband still at airport that day  xsempat tunggu dia.
So, i managed to get everything that i want in my birth plan.
No epi, 1st tear degree, No stiches, skin to skin, SROM, delay cord clamping.

Dr in govt hospital said,for next baby, i should get midwife je utk homebirthing. Yey!!
Last 2 kids, i was induce, and vacuum with epi n stiched. Doctor did say that i tak pandai push. Tu yg vacuum. But now, i pandai dh lepas gi kelas AMANI. 

Thanks kak Hanz Jamaludin dgn ilmu childbirth and this group for the supports and knowledges. This moment will be the best experience ever in my life. Thnks GBG!

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