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10 Breastfeeding Mistakes New Mothers Make

Why not 5 only? Or why not 20 so that the longer the list, the better prepared the new mothers?

It is not the matter as little or as many mistakes that could be found but what matters is to you ensuring that you don't ever get too close to these common mistakes new mothers (parents) tend to make. Based on my observations as well as the complaints that I received during breastfeeding consultation and counselling. Let's roll!

1) You think you don't need breastfeeding knowledge because you believe that breastfeeding is natural, next to maternal instinct.

Does that sound strange that breast feeding could be a daunting task for first time moms?  There may be a tendency to believe that being a mom is bred into women as an instinct. An instinct is an unlearned complex pattern of behavior. In human beings, there are no instincts. In other words, we need to learn how to do everything. Yes, we are aided by reflexes. Reflexes are simple and automatic behaviors. For example, sucking is a reflex. Breathing is a reflex. Blinking is a reflex. Behavior such as these are controlled by the brain stem and occur without thinking about it. Unlike reflexes, caring for a baby requires a great deal of human learning.

As a result of needing to go through a learning curve, many new moms face lots of anxiety. Their anxieties stem from such problems as getting the baby to suckle at the breast, getting the breast milk to flow, feeding pattern and many more.

Solution : Get prepared. Attend breastfeeding class, read breastfeeding books, join support groups and many other effort as long as you know that you will be well-equip.

2) You rely on the clock too much while nursing

When breastfeeding a new baby, women often try to schedule their feedings for every three to four hours or watch the clock when they feed their babies. 

Solution : Follow your baby’s lead.  If she still seems hungry, keep nursing.  If she pulls away from the breast before your clock says it is time for her to be done, she may be full.

3) You compare the amount of milk your baby needs between breastmilk and formula

Formula is not easily digested and that is why it is needed in large amount to make it up to the loss from stool unlike breastmilks, almost perfectly absorb. Bowel movement of formula-feed baby and fully breastfeed baby is not the same as the content of each definitely differ lots.

Solution : Observe closely how much your baby taking per feed by comparing with total expressed breastmilk  with direct nursing in one seating. Eventually you will have the general idea how much expressed breastmilk your baby need should you will be leaving her soon with other carer.

4) You think your baby only need to be feed when she fuss

Babies fuss for different reasons.  Just because your baby is crying doesn’t mean she is hungry.  Watch her cues to see if she is indicating hunger or something else.  If she is rooting around, she might be hungry.  If she is not rooting or you just fed her, there could be another reason she is crying.  Some babies cry a lot during certain times of the day.  Crying doesn’t equal hunger. 

Solution : Try checking her diaper, swaddling, or babywearing her to see if that helps.  As long as your baby is having plenty of wet diapers (around 6-8 a day), she is most likely getting enough milk.

5) You use the growth chart of formula feed baby

Well, this one is too obvious right? 

Solution : Ask your paeditrician to produce growth chart of breastfeeding baby when he assess your baby. If he fail to do so, switch to breastfeeding friendly paeditrician.

6) You think husband support is not that important

Really? Sure, men can’t actually breastfeed due to an obvious lack of certain equipment. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your partner part of the experience. 

Solution : Get your spouse involved in this journey. Don't do it alone.

7) You assume you don't have enough milk

Some newly birthed mother thought as soon as she birthed her baby, she will soaked with heaps of breastmilk. The truth is, it does'nt work that way, sorry to burst your bubble for this. Your breastmilk only come much later, that first few days, it is colostrum and with the pea-sized tummy your baby is having, she really don't need that much initially.

Solution : Don't get panic and don't allow yourselves to be bullied by believing that you unable to produce milk. It requires constant stimulation from your newborn sucking motion plus your emotional state to be able to produce milk continuosly and adequately.

8) You think you need breastmilk booster in the form of supplement to be able to breastfeed continuosly.

It is pretty tempting to read those testimonials by another nursing mother claimed they managed to produce generous amount of breastmilk after consuming this and that supplement, isn't it? However tempted you are, it goes back to knowledge as in point number 1.

Solution : Ever heard breastmilk production equal demand and supply equation? That's what we meant, as long you keep on breastfeeding, your body just know to keep on producing. On those milk booster, yes, it helps, certain type of foods do assist many nursing mothers. Yet, breastfeeding is closely-related with hormones, so you might need to work on your emotions first. Stress is biggest enemy for nursing mothers.

9) You supplementing with unnecessary items

We're not talking about supplementing with formula. We are referring to artificial soother. This is a culprit of nipple confusion.

Solution : if you want your baby not having any nipple confusion, forget about getting this soother in the first place when shopping for newborn items. Your newborn prefers you for comfort not some other form of comfort replacement

10) You giving up too soon

Who said that breastfeeding is going to be all easy? There's learning curve you need to face. Just like you get to know your newborn, that's how it is with breastfeeding too. Give it a time, don't give up too soon in example feeding with formula, come up with excuses that you soon will be back to work and continuing exclusive breastfeeding sounds impossible

Solution : This is a matter of choice. If you pretty determined on this journey, every trials and tribulations, you shall want and handle it with all your mighty effort. Find another successful breastfeeding mother or read successful breastfeeding stories. That should be your motivating factor. Think like, "If she can do it, so can I" 

There are a few reasons a woman can't breastfeed, but the vast majority are able to do it and succeed at it. The problem is, a lot of people don't know that much about the act, thinking it's natural. While they do help you learn a bit, the secrets and mistakes are all things no one teaches you unless you read a book or two. By being prepared and being aware of common breastfeeding mistakes, a woman can hopefully avoid these mistakes and get off to a good 

start with breastfeeding.

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