Monday, July 7, 2014

The Joy of Newborn Babywearing

We love 'wearing' our youngest son. As parents, we discovered babywearing makes life much more convenient. Although we started babywearing since son no. 2 but with no. 3, we started since he was just a newborn.

It frees up both hands to help with all of that multi-tasking you're doing. We thought it is a great idea to babywear for situations that are'nt ideal for pushing a bulky stroller. Especially in heavily crowded places. It has provided us some sort of security assurance too having known our little ones safely tucked just like the next skin, followed us wherever we went.

The joy of inhaling that newborn smell with every step, arrgghhh... so blissful! Our little ones also loves the comfort of being worn as it made him feel safe. This close physical presence promotes bonding. Such a plus point that a simple piece of cloth comes with a sleepy dust and we said this because he usually just fell asleep everytime we tucked him in the 'cocoon'

Babywearing is a safe activity. But, like what you do with a newborn, always ensure safety standard are met.

Your baby should be held snugly and well supported, high enough to kiss, easily visible to you (without fabric covering baby’s face) and with chin off of chest.  You should be able to get two fingers under baby’s chin and hear baby breathing normally.  If you hear grunting or snoring sounds, that is a sign that baby is having trouble breathing.  If that happens, remove baby and re-wrap being sure to wrap very snug and tight.Below poster should serve as guidelines on safe babywearing.

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