Friday, July 11, 2014

The 'What If' Syndrome of Pregnant and Birthing Mother

The mind is capable of anything, because everything is in it, all the past, 
as well as all the future. - Joseph Conrad

"The body is the action component of the mind. What is experienced in the body is determined in the mind. Therefore, what the mind chooses to accept or perceive as being real, the robot body, accordingly, responds to. The mind does not have the ability to act. Therefore, it sends messages to the body demanding action. The body, in turn, plays out the thought" (Mongan Marie, "Hypnobirthing - The Mongan Method (3rd ed 2005) p 65)

Everything we perceive as physical matter is fundamental energy. Simply put, our thoughts, events, things, people, circumstances at it's fundamental level is simply frequencies of energy that we tune into through our mind and then decode through our 5 senses into physical experience. Our mind is simultaneously broadcasting and receiving frequencies into the world according to the thoughts and emotions that we hold in our mind. Like attracts like, that is the Law of Attraction in this Universe. It is up to us to tune into the frequency that which we chose to bring into the visible experience. It really is that simple.

Most women associate giving birth as tremendous painful event. The belief in pain surrounding childbirth is so strong that women approach birth with negative expectations. Our subconscious minds hold our belief systems and during pregnancy, women are often in an altered state and highly suggestible when they are with their healthcare providers, in the workplace, in childbirth classes and even when they are watching programs or reading anything about birth. Whether it is positive or negative, this influence pregnant woman and can affect her birth. Our subconcious mind is very powerful indeed. If pregnant women are focusing a lot about what they want to avoid, their subconscious mind is affirming that they actually do want that undesired outcome.
The vicious cycle as outlined above is a fact alright and some groups in example The Positive Birth Movement aims  to challenge this negative cycle by creating spaces for women to gather and empower themselves with information and support.

Dear pregnant and birthing moms, "Have you had any negative thoughts lately? Have you asked yourself this question that begins with... "What if...?" Then you probably having the 'what if' syndrome.

Some birthing women in fact possessed this what called as 'what if' syndrome by channelling their thoughts on heapful situations that unlikely to happen. To the extent it is irrational to even have that particular of thought in the first place. They might doubt their body's capability on whether they able to birth their baby smoothly, they think they might not able to hold it throughout the process, starts questioning on their pain threshold and starts to plan for alternatives that could hinder them from this process and ultimately blocks them from actually going through the meant-to-be process of labour.

Yes, that's what should be is. When birthing time surrounded with fear, defensiveness and negativity tended to attract a chain of unfortunate circumstances. If you have had bad experience before, please leave those emotional baggage behind. 

Change your thoughts, change your future reality. Focusing on what you want alleviate fear, gives you courage and make you more proactive in seeking ways to fulfill your desires. Of course, it would take a lot of work to make a bad situation better. Having said that, let the positive thoughts chased those negative thoughts away.

Do consider attending independent childbirth preparation class if you may, as you might find knowledge provides confidence and sharing it out loud with like-minded positive birthing mothers able to put you in the positive vibes.

Start to take charge of your pregnancy and your birthing experience soon. Keep positive thought and stay away from 'what if' syndrome. Success is achieved only when the birthing mother trust in her body and the belief that she is able to. She needs to expect that she can do it with or without others. Never underestimate the power of intuition too. What you expect to happen, happens.

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