Monday, September 5, 2011

Frugal Tip | Recycle Postage Envelope


You just received your fluffies and they made your day!

While enjoying your fluffies, don't forget something. Don't throw these away. Keep them.

Turn them inside out like this.


 And, when you need to post items be it de-stash stuff or your selling stuff like me recently...

Tadaaa!! Those recycled plastic envelopes comes in handy!


Cost-saving, less wastage. 
You being green and frugal simultaneously!
Note : Thanks to Rafreen Riana for this tip, 
've remebered she mentioned it sometimes ago somewhere...


  1. I like....thanks hanz for the tip....nak buat mcm ni jgk..=)

  2. aah la kan..tak pernah terpikir pulak..thanks ya

  3. lepas ni dah tak buang dah :) malu sendiri :)

  4. hihi!thanks Hanz..for those who bought any diapers from me before, selalu la dpt plastic recycle..memang plastik post dari US/poslaju/ whatever ku guna. Plastic dari oversea lebih tahan, boleh recycle beberapa kali sbb tebal. Anyway, happy recycling.

    -Rafreen Riana using other google acc-

  5. yerp, saya mmg tak buang those packaging envelope..cuma tak terpikir nak terbalikkan dia saja..lepas nih boleh buatlah :)

    thanks for sharing this tips

  6. i've done this ages ago. funny how some people never thought about it. selagi boleh pakai, pakai je since you're just gonna end up throwing it away anyway...


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