Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Childbirth Preparation | Baby's Items & Mama's Items

I am in 40 weeks by the time I up this posting. Here are few details on what I had prepared  since many months ago in order to welcome the new addition to the Honeybunch, Baby-H. :-D
Before this, I have listed items that are needed for childbirth in here:

On Cloth Diapering :

Stage 1 Cloth Diapering - All are in newborn to very small sizes. [L-R] : Converted prefold (pre-fitted) - 4 pieces, Indian (unbleached) prefold in 6 pieces, Anakku printed flats (lampin) - 10 pieces already folded in Origami style & The Kite Fold style, Meg-a-roos extended tab prefold (ETP) - 2 pieces & Bummis Super Whisper Newborn Wrap with umbilical cord & Thirties Cover Size 1.

Don't forget the Snappi to be used either with flats, prefold & ETP.

Newborn to very small fitted diapers. Meant for nighttime diapering. [L-R] : Cat in Hat Fitted with Unbilical cord ( a gift from a very good friend), Little Beetle size 1, Lynn's Creations Fattycakes Fitted (Love & Cat prints), Bella Bottoms & Swaddlebees

Liners are necessary especially the first to two, three weeks when newborn's bowel movement still raw and fragile. Encountering runny poo and frequent pees, liners will come in handy. Grovia Flushable Liners, Fleece Liners & Bamboolite Raw Silk Liners.

Cloth Wipes made from various fabrics; cotton, fleece, bamboo and Grovia bio-wipes.
Wetbags in various sizes & brands. [L-R] WAHM brand, Nice Cloth Diaper, Wahmies & Angel-Mel Collections. To chuck soiled diapers and soiled Mama's cloth pads, other dirty laundries too.

Boosters especially for nighttime diapering. It may become handy as liners too. Obtained from fitted diapers that comes with boosters.
Stage 2 Cloth Diapering - Targetted from 3 and a half months onwards as mostly is One Size / Medium sizes. 
[L-R] : Bella Bottoms Hemp OS Fitted, Cute Tooshies OS Fitted, GMD Embellished Prefolds Medium 5 pieces,Better Fit prefold 2 pieces, Disana Wool Soaker (s-m size), Weehuggers Cover Size 2, Motherease Sandy Size 1 Fitted.

Leggings to team-up with cloth diapers. 3 Babylegs & 1 Huggalugs.

And all Baby-H's wardrobe will be put in these containers.

On Confinement days, Breastfeeding & Babywearing :

Items for Mama : [L-R] : Coleman Chiller, Medela Harmony Breastpump Sets, Moms Little Ones Breastpump & EBM Storage Bag, HPA Confinement Set, Amway Post-Natal Care Binder, Lovey Duds Stretchy Wrap, Autumnz Pre-sterilised BPA-free pumped breastmilk plastics storage, TESCO Cooler Bag for travelling.

Post-partum cloth pads for Mama during confinement. Obtained from local cloth pad makers & talented Mamas. [L-R] : Lynn's Ummi Creations Trifold Hemp - 2 pieces, Bisky Bosky Batik Minky - 2 pieces, BluCotton - 3 pieces, Fresh Moon from Angel-Mel Collections - 2 pieces, Mama Patch - 2 pieces, Baby Snowdrop - 2 pieces. 


  1. wah-wah-wah...slurrrppp!!! ^^
    semoga selamat ibu & anak ketika labour nnti, selamat berpantang..happy2 selalu :D

    Lynn Nasir
    (Ummi Creates)

  2. nice!
    selamat bersalin ya!nanti inform ya...

  3. waaaa....suka nyer baca....:)

    semoga selamat segala nya hanz...:)

  4. thats a great stash! good luck, bet u'll hv fun using them :-)

  5. selamat melahirkan..sunggoh complete..untung baby H junior..

  6. semoga selamat semuanya hanz!
    jangan lupa khabarkan berita gembira itu ya!

  7. your preparation is so complete. wish you have a safe delivery. can't wait to see your new baby.


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