Sunday, June 26, 2011

40 Weeks Sweet Pregnancy | What I have been up to all these months

The last time I've shared on my pregnancy progress was when I was 22 weeks pregnant & now I am 40 weeks, few days I guess before giving birth of Baby-H.

This is me, was at 7 months preggie going on a date watched midnite movie with my boyfriend aka dear hubby. I went another midnite movie again when already 9 months pregnant.

I lead a very active pregnancies for the whole 9 months..alhamdulillah. It is like going on and on and I am always up to something to busy myself and occupy my attention for a certain period of time. When it comes to updating my blog, that would be such a shame as I was very pretty much lazy. Instead I diverted to other interest. I begun to hang-out well, too often another social network, what else the Facebook. There's this group of Cloth Diapers Mamas known as Malaysian Cloth Diapering Parents. From tempting endless group buys, sharing the world of cloth diapering & one thing lead to another, we joined world class event & I was one of the Mama behind the scenes.We set Malaysia in Guiness World of Record as one of the participating nations of having Mamas (parents) changing cloth nappies synchronizedly in conjunction of Earth Day. What made us unique was it was done at midnight!

Soon enough our MCDP group had a small gathering. Chatted about cloth diapers would never got us bored, the Cloth Diapers-holic Mamas. 

There are many FB groups I'm active too like the Malaysian Homeschooling Network, Malaysian Parenting Page, Gentle / Home Birth Malaysia & gosh...there are others too where being a silent reader could be beneficial too. Oh, don't forget the creation of this group where you can de-stash, up-stash or merely drooling over people's stashes. It won't help you if you are in money saving mode as it definitely will burnt your pocket if you hard to resist it! Hahaha..

On personal note, I have created one Facebook group too. I reckon it is about time I do so after I have created this blog emphasising Natural Parenting & Natural Living. It is called Natural Parenting & Living Loft.I noted there are many moms embraced this parenting lifestyle and many are keen to followsuit. With this in mind, these are for like-minded people to gather, share and exchange views, knowledge and experiences. Since it's birth, I believe many has benefit and I for myself, can't expressed how gratitude I am on the warmth feel among the members. It was GREAT!

As I intended to close or either private my former blog, I managed to hold one last time giveaway for mothers exclusively. What I feel so gratitude most was the enormous sponsorships I received for the prizes. There are many generous ladies out there and I was touched too! Besides, the entries from participants about sharing their motherhood was an eye opener and reflects to myself as a mother. Thank you my generous sponsors and thank you to all participants too.

When I approached some of the sponsors, I discovered one of new great items. It was from Deana Design, creatively made by Dena Edmund. 

It is Eco Snack Bag. Inside is laminated with PUL and the closure is velcro, similar with wetbag, so you can even put non-dry snack inside it like fresh-cut fruits. I used these to bring my snacks to the office. Gorgeous & functional, right? I luv it!

Besides that, I am indulging those stuff and those books yet to finish reading by me...sigh...procrastinating as always...

Off-late, noticed since week-35, I lose appetite on eating. I ate when I'm hungry and just enough to curb the hungry pang. Not to indulge. If given the option, I rather choose not to eat. Feels so lazy to eat. And, when I do eat, I chose simple food like plain porridge, plain fried meehoon. But, I went crazy over DATES! I can't stop chewing them on daily basis and have to restrain myself to eat them too much!

Plus, I found comfort with these two......

Especially the MILO, the stock must be there all the time inside our refrigerator. 

Since I took early maternity leave, I feel so restless with the passive me. So, I hogged FB more often than usual and two days ago did de-stashing again. Some items considered sold already and well, with so many group buys joining, I need to raise some funds too. And cleared the clutter! Haha!

And, met up friends like having a breakfast, brunch....and will do again if my health permits.

Farah (mylildreamz), a blogger friend aka neighbour (we lived nearby each other) and me had a roti canai breakfast at Mamak's yesterday. :-D

I am really counting the days now before I pop! The EDD ran on 2 dates and I had false alarm  about 10 days ago! I'm anxious to give birth as soon as I can. Can't wait to welcome Baby-H to this world. He or she is one mysterious baby. :-D

Besides that, we planned something special for Baby-H but all in all we will let Baby-H decides for us.

And, this is my 40 weeks BUMP! :-D


  1. tak sabar tungu baby H keluar menjenguk dunia ni. good luck with ur delivery nanti babe :) I doa kan dari jauh

  2. aah,..the joy of pregnancy..hopes everything went well for u ya!

  3. berseri muka mengandung :) ni x sabar nak mengandung jugak ni..alahai..sabarrr..

  4. make sure u sms i bila dah selamat bersalin k!

  5. happy delivery hanz!sy pun dah jarang update blog..busy sgt pastu mlm2 dah melepek tido awal huhuhu


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