Monday, March 28, 2011

22 Weeks Sweet Pregnancy

Hanz's Note : Posted in former blog on February 10, 2011.

Time sure flies fast and believe it or not I am at 5 months plus!

I used to self-complained that my bump did'nt show that much and people treated me like I am non-preggie, blame it to my energetic well-being too.Even my mom said that I don't look tired like hers during all her 7 pregnancies, she was in really worst conditions of her life. Constant throw-up, headache and mood swings. Guess I don't inherited that from her.

Now, voila! The bump is protruding proudly!!!

Here is Baby H at 18 weeks. Baby H is quite active as for now, I can feel the movement average 5 times a day since two weeks ago. Last time just a faint flutter. Bet, soon..I will start the fetal chart counting. The funny thing was my Obs tried her very best to see Baby H genitals but Baby H won't allowed her. Baby H clearly set mind that it is to remain surprise for the time being. Would we want to know? Haha..for the last 2, we did know but this time...hemmm...somehow...feels like a surprise...nope, we don't decided yet whether we want to know or not.

And oops..glad that my spring cleaning done on the long breaks pays off as I found 2 maternity pants and save money on buying more for the time being. Seriously, I don't like buying and wearing maternity clothes. You don't need it that long and it's hideous. Those the cute, cute ones usually too expensive and their size won't fit me that well. I bloated for each of my pregnancy and don't look cute like some blessed preggie moms.

My health is getting deteriorates..especially the left butt and the left-sided leg and waist. Drinking milk does'nt guarantee you won't get this aching when you are getting heavier day by get worse by night and waking up every morning, I moaned lots and hubs has to lightly punch my butt and waist few times as it went numb for couple of minutes.

Last week I got sore gums, bleeding gums and cracked lips. They said these caused by vitamin deficiency so..i increase my vitamin C intake, switched tootpaste and now i used Pureen Tootpaste specialised for pregnant mun, found it at Giant last weekend, seems so far so good and applied lots and lots of lip balm. Oh, another thing increase water intake which I don't really keen as this means frequent toilet visit!

I started baby clothing shopping last two weekends! excited holding small and tiny stuff and still got few baby clothes from Hambali which of course would pass to his Adik very soon. And yes, more CD shopping.

No more new food cravings and the last one has been fulfilled. I craved for Masak Lemak Cili Api Ayam & Kentang, Kurma Ayam + Nasi Tomato + Pajeri Nanas and yes, all done.

Now, I seriously need to start to list baby items and my own post-partum items.

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