Monday, March 28, 2011

My giving birth preparation

Hanz's Note : This was posted in former blog on February 16, 2011. To date, items in the list completed 99%. I just need Office cum Mama Bag to store my notebook & pumping gear, all at one go.

I have a book specifically to record my pregnancies till baby is growing (well, till record book is finish, I suppose)

I jot down anything that I think is necessary to record about my pregnancies this time.I've listed things I already purchased based on the list below.

Baby Item List

1. Swaddle blanket
2. Cloth diapers (prefold, lampin, fitted, cover)
3. Flushable Nappy Liner & Reusable Nappy Liner
4. Cloth wipes
5. Binder (barut bayi)
6. Nappi fastener (Snappi)
7. Clothing
8. Mitten & Bootees
9. Baby's balm (Baby oil)
10. Towel
11. Changing mat
12. Toiletries
13. Bedding (mattress, baby cot)
14. Baby's clothing detergent
15. Baby's bag
16. Nappy Cream
17. Storage (container to keep baby stuff....)
18. Baby hanger
19. Large wetbag (2 pieces)
20. Warm compressor (?) (Tuam bayi)

Mama Items List

1. Post-natal pad
2. Confinement care set
3. Nursing bra
4. Nursing apparel
5. Mama's bag
6. Wrap / Pouch for baby
7. Pumping gear
8. EBM storage

Those that highlighted in purple are those already available (new & hands-me-down) but for cloth diapers as in green, meaning well...I am still buying...hahaha..I'll see where it deems fit because I still need few more fitted diapers. I shall wait during sale or warehouse sale to get it all completed on baby stuff as this is where you can buy in bulk at bargained prices. Frugal, you!

As you can see, not even single mama stuff I have get it ready. Since, baby's stuff about 80% done, next months onwards I'll get my things done. Need to place order especially Mama Pad.....

Any other items that I miss?

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