Monday, March 28, 2011

Babywearing Tutorial | How to use wrap for newborn

I just bought Lovey Duds wrap from another Malaysian Babywearer Mamas recently. It is Stretchy Cotton Organic. I am the third owner actually since the 2nd owner had it brief as her baby is too heavy and bis to be carry by wrap. The wrap is stretchy and cooling to our climate.It is onesize wrap so suits anybody irregard body type and size.

I thought it is the easiest way to babywearing a newborn is by wrap compared to pouch and ring sling since you can customised the size but for pouch, you need to get the size right and so is ring sling. Besides, I plan to use this during my confinement onwards till well, baby is too heavy to be carry by wrap. But, I still want to use pouch provided I'm back to my original size before I became pregnant. Hoping that I lose lots of weigh though. So in the meantime, wrap is the best bet.

I've learnt on how to wrap for the first time from recent Malaysian Babywearer Gathering at Fabulous Mom, TTDI and I can say that I felt comfortable more than Ring Sling. In fact hubby whose the one never like Ring Sling found wrapping is easier too and it seems to receive green light from him to wear a wrap.

Here's a few tutorials, courtesy from Lovey Duds founder herself.

How to Tie One On Baby Wrap

How to Tie One On Baby Wrap-Front Hold Carry-Hug Hold

How to remove Baby from Baby Wrap

Updated : How to breastfeed discreetly in a wrap

There are more ways and wrap position you can do but for the time being before I got myself wrap-holic, basic hold will do for me!

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