Sunday, March 27, 2011

Revolutionary cloth diapers | Their signature features make them unique!

I am glad that the awareness on goodness of cloth diapering is increasing day by day and more and more stores are selling cloth diapers compared to yesteryears, whereby to purchase one, some even has to place orders from abroad.Most moms I believe choose for onesize pocket cloth diaper type as it is economical. Simply sharing, there's more type of cloth diaper like fitted, All-In-One (AIO), All-In-Two (AI2), Sized Pocket, and lately Pull-Up Cloth Pants that works just like Disposable Pull-Up Training Pants.

Few manufacturers of cloth diapers has produced cloth diaper that is unique, and has it's signature style which made this cloth diaper stand out from the rest. Whether this signature style proven effective or not, it all very subjective. Simply sharing, let's take a look few brands that made them different.

1. Baby Kangas Onesize Pocket

It may look common as your typical onesize pocket but...

zippered pouch opening on the outside instead on the inside to place an insert.This make insert removal clean and easy.

2. Rumparooz Onesize Pocket G2

Rump•a•rooz® is the ONLY cloth diaper on the market that has been uniquely designed to contain the messiest of messes. The inside of each diaper is designed with 2 gentle internal gussets that channel each leg. No chance of escape for even the messiest or messes!

It's the internal gussets that makes them different!

3. Grobaby (Now known as Grovia) Onesize AI2

Standing ovation for the manufacturer of Grobaby as this is a first time 'someone' came out with Onesize AI2. AI2 means, the outer shell can be reuse provided it is unsoiled as you just need to remove the soaker during diaper change.Having few sets of this, you just snap fresh soaker onto the shell.And,it's Onesize too! Another thing that makes them different is the proprietary Never Pill hook tab with soft loop fabric that doesn't scratch and built in laundry tabs. Unlike the typical velcro (hook and loop style) that pill over times.

4. Fuzzibunz Onesize Pocket

The FuzziBunz® ONE SIZE diaper is adjustable through adjustable elastic, NOT snap downs on the front of the diaper like most one size diapers on the market today. Similar to adjustable waistbands for children and maternity wear, the waist and legs have been made customizable through a button / elastic adjustment system. So instead of 3 length settings, you can set to 8+ very customizable sizes. Instead of NO waist settings, you have up to 4+. So you have a SUPER adjustable diaper without an excess of snaps.

It looks neat, right? Trim some more...

5. Thirsties AIO Pockets

An AIO with a twist! Simply wrap around baby and fasten with sturdy velcro for a perfect fit at every diaper change. The built-in absorbent core is made from our specialty microfiber terry which absorbs up to seven times its weight in liquid! The unique pocket opening on a Thirsties Pocket All-In-One cloth diaper allows the addition of extra absorbent layers during extended wear and to meet the needs of a heavy wetting baby. You get AIO and Pocket at one go!

6. Moms & Tots Onesize Pocket

It's special features is that the velcro closure is fasten at the back instead at the usual front. Solution for nifty fingers who like to strip off their diapers and be buck-naked!

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