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Types of insert for pocket cloth diaper

Cloth Diapering can be so adventurous and colourful! If you are so into Pocket Type Cloth Diaper, do take note that insert can be made from many types of materials. So what are they?

Here goes my sharing from my ever-self-interest research and information obtained from many sources.

Microfibre Insert

Microfibre is the most common and widely used to make insert. It is usually 75% Polyester and 25% Polyamide. It traps the moisture between its fibre and can absorb up to 8 times its weight in liquid form. It dries quickly, light and thin and within use, it get more absorbent. Over times, it can be stiff in form so strip washing is required.
Note : Avoid microfiber touch your baby's skin as it can dry out and may cause rashes.

Bamboo Insert

Bamboo is one of the newest fabrics in cloth diapering world. As Bamboo grows up to a foot a day, it is a green choice and highly renewable sources. A favourite choice of material and not only be used for insert, in fact for soaker, doubler, the inner layer of cloth diaper too.

This material is naturally anti-bacterial, extremely soft, absorbent and very breathable so baby feels cool, dry and comfortable. Often combined with cotton or polyester to retain longevity and a little stretch. This creates more trim fitting diaper especially prefold. It won't hold odors and stays soft wash after wash and feels luxurious!

(above : GAD Onesize Hemp Insert)

Hemp Insert

Hemp is made from the bark of the hemp plant. It has been known as hardworking cloth diaper fabric. Due to its durability, absorbency and natural anti-microbial properties, it has been widely used for both insert, soaker and doubler and combination with other material too. Most hemp is 55% hemp and 45% cotton and the cotton keeps the hemp soft and supple. Hemp and cotton fabric is stronger, more durable and more absorbent than 100% cotton fabric of the same weight.

However there are few drawbacks of using hemp. It takes more time to dry, may get stiff over time and potential for detergent build-up which can creates odour. And, it must be washed in hot few times before it absorb really well prior to first time usage.

Cotton Insert

Cotton is the inexpensive type, natural, soft and easy to care for. But, they are not highly absorption compared to their counterparts and does'nt provide stay-dry feeling. It can be bulky if needed to use more and can get stiff if line dried.

Combo Insert

A revolutionary insert and likely a solution to mom whom is at wit's end to solve heavy-wetting babies and toddlers. Most mom has to add layers and layers of inserts especially for night time diapering. But, with this creation, the combination creates less bulkiness!

Several brands that offers this combination :

LoopyDo 2G Prewashed Insert
(Knickernappies Pocket)

Made of 2 layers of thirsty hemp french terry plus 2 layers of microfiber, these inserts can really absorb a lot. And, it sewn in a loop so they'll dry just as fast as anything else in your dryer.

Hanz's : I heart this insert! Works wonderful
for 12hours straight at night for my lil tot!

Blueberry Onesized Combo Insert

A unique combination of microfiber terry and organic cotton and hemp. 2 layers of microfiber terry quickly absorbs the wetness and 4 layers of organic cotton and hemp fleece in the wet zone keeps the wetness in. 3 snap settings allow the adjust size of the insert from small to large. And, no matter what setting the insert is, there will always be 6 layers of absorbency where it belongs.

The only thing then is that Combo Insert can be a bit pricey.

Hanz's Tip : For nighttime diapering, Bamboo and Hemp is the better choice insert! And the combo is the best!

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