Sunday, March 27, 2011

Review on Malaysian made cloth pads

[From left to right: Saffa CP, Mama Patch CP & Snexi CP Snuggbaby -
All are Regular(Medium) CP]

Hanz's Note : I've used mostly Panty Liner & Regular (Medium) CP as it based on my needs. Average hours of usage for each brand is 4 hours & on lighter days it will be more but not more than 7 hours before next changing.

I was surprised as previously if I prolonged the duration of wearing disposable pads, sometimes I experienced itchiness but with cloth pad, it is far from that. Don't talk about stinky smell because with disposables, it does but with CP, it doesn't.Trust me as I'm not the only users confirming this sort of experiences.Better still, it cut the flow days and many CP users just like me noticed the lesser menses output.No need to worry about the stain because with proper wash, you won't experience one.

I would suggest that if you are on heavy side, try not to exceed more than 4 hours. P

Allright, here's my reviews and you can just click each brand name to be link exactly on the page of CP Makers whereby you can obtain all the details.

What I like : Thin & slim cut yet absorption withstand amazing. Easy to wash & did'nt leave any stain. I forgot that I'm wearing one during the end days of menses though I was wearing the Panty Liner.

What I dislike : None. Hoping that Chin Nee will come out patterned or yummy print fabrics soon. (he,he..always drool over yummy prints just like what I did with cloth diapers & cloth wipes)

Saffa Cloth Pad (Mum7Kids)

What I like : Thicker a bit & comes in varieties of colours & prints. Contoured nicely over panties. Absorption wise good.

What I dislike : They sell very fast as you can see they are available in some our local Cloth Diapers store & blogshops as well so you tend to miss out some prints you fancy. Hopefully Ummi Zhadami will restock fast or maybe increase the same prints quantity.

Snexi (by Snuggbaby)

What I like : So far as far my search ongoing this is the first unique shape CP that I ever came across. Diamond-cut shape & when it folded it works like any other CP. It comes in 3 bright colours nevertheless the colours did'nt 'bleed' when wash-out or damp or wet. Absorption wise good. Liza has upgrade the layers with PUL recently & bet no leaking worries.

What I dislike : I only hope that Liza (as I did highlighted her) will make it curvier & its unique shape can remains so thinking if it is curvier and folded, there's no remaining fabric around the panties edges so that it will rounded the panties snugly.

Next : How to wear & care Cloth Pad.

Disclaimer : Not a paid review.Solely self-sponsored & personal experiences.

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