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Babywearing Walk 2010 + Julia Roberts + SSC + Bookhunt = Letter to hubby

Hanz's Note : Letter to hubby was posted on October 11, 2010.

Dear Sayang,

Thanks so much for letting me having 'only one me' day last Saturday. The past few weeks was such a hectic routine I had to bore and having this break to enjoy my own sweet time was HEAVENLY. As I did informed you on what I will do on that particular day and since you refused to accompany me to join the Babywearing Walk 2010, I had to made my outings really worthy, meaningful and fulfilling!

I enjoyed meeting up all the Babywearers during the Babywearing Walk gathering in conjunction of International Babywearing Week celebrated for the last one whole week. Met again friends like Farrah Rahim, Syaz, Farid, Dian as well as finally meet blogger friends like Adriana, Adiqsu (Sarah Harun), Norley..but I found out later that I did missed few friends that I knew via cyber world like Fazian, heemmm maybe more..who times I can be very shy to greet people unless I recognized their faces either from their blogs or FB. Here are some piccas for you to drool on...

Can you spot someone wearing Beco with leopard print? Grrr!!!

Farrah Rahim with her purplan Kanga & lil Emir in it
& Dian with her Bamberoo with her hensem boy!

...sigh, how I wish I could join the walk but all I got is wearing your backpack! In the end I walked halfway side by side with Adriana till 3rd Floor of KLCC and ahem...parted and headed straight to TGV!!

I was so lucky Sayang that this Julia Roberts' movie that I plan to watch was going to air at 12:30pm, only about 30 minutes away. Not too late, meaning I can catch this must-watched-by me movie afterall before running other errands!

So you heard the whole narration of this movie once you fetched me till we reached home that night..hahaha..I am one talented storyteller, don't you just agree with me? Hearing me retelling the whole movie feels like you watch the movie with me. Wink!

Note : Chit-chatters, wait for my review on this movie. All I can tell now is...YOU MUST WATCH THIS MOVIE! Especially for you ladies! :-D

Since I only have one big tub of caramel popcorn (which loaded with calories.. :-( sigh..) & Ice Lemon Tea, I was so hungry by the time this movie ended. I headed Kinokuniya after collected my pineapple tarts from Farrah but found out that Kinokuniya does not sell any school books. So, straight away to Ampang Park.

Here was what I had for late lunch at 4pm.
Iced Caramel Latte & Chicken Chunk Croissant

On my way to Tiny Tapir, I stumbled with Syaz as she just sent her new SSC Orbit there. Once I was at TT, Baiti was a big help on assisting me trying out different brands of SSC. Oh yes, I am one Crazy Mama trying out SSC without tucking her baby inside. So, how am I supposed to know? Well, guess I just have to agak agak (estimate) only lor... ;-P

This one is Patapum

This one is Pikkolo

This one is Scootababy
(hip carry, think u might like this although it's one shoulder carrier)

This one is from our locals.
Jumpsac SSC Orbit

I wanted to try Snuggbaby too, but too bad they did'nt have the prototype.

This one is Angelpack.
Think it's too slim for both of us.

After seeing all that piccas, please Sayang, give me a least say which one you favour most!

Once done with all these SSC, could'nt help myself to browse TT which happened to be very dangerous! CD checking is a must indeed..but errr..I did tried my very best on the seduction part & finally settled with those.

That is Wool wash complete with Lanolin for lil Hambali's Wool Soaker & more cloth pads for myself. It's a need, Sayang. Not indulgence! ;-P

Finally, headed KL Big Bookshop on the other wing and well, was dissappointed with the selection of books available. Not much to choose from. I guess I need to go to real bookstore that sell school textbooks. It is important for this bookhunt as we will continue Homeschool Hanafi next year & definitely Hambali will be too, we need to be on the right track with the syllabus & such.

Language lesson for Hanafi will be step to the next level as his reading is 
well-satisfying and beyond average.Oh, don't we love the Ladybird book that I bought for Adik?
In fact, we can used that for Hanafi's Spelling lesson too. And Adik must start writing exercise since he's so into colouring and doodling nowadays.

All in all I was so glad that I had this Lone Ranger outing. I could even read, think, learnt & met friends all in one go in one day. Thanks so much Sayang.

Your lil wifey

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