Sunday, March 27, 2011

More reviews on one-size pocket cloth diaper

Disclaimer : This review is solely based on personal usage to my baby & my unique preferences. My baby's physique is like having a small waist & bum but have chunky thigh. Not to recommend any online store or any particular brand but just to provide overall view for any assistance it can manage.Those cloth diapers may be obtained from other stores as well and if I did not mentioned it here meaning I did not know it is also available at other unmentioned stores.

Knickernappies OS Pocket

What I like : It's generous sizing & it's Loopy-doo Insert definitely. Plus, I am looking forward to get my hands on side-snapping cloth diapers nowadays for two reasons :- fits well for chunky tight & harder for tiny hands to unstrip the diapers. Better still, it's snap rather the hook & loop style. Even hubby commented he favoured the side-snapping cloth diaper nowadays.

About the Knickernappies Loopy-Doo insert which has been a hit lately, I was amazed that it can hold up to 12 hours straight for Baby Hambali, first time usage. Since then, Knicekernappies is among the cloth diapers I used at night with Loopy-Doo insert though. Loopy-Doo insert is a combination of Microfibre and Hemp & since it's sewn together side-by-side, it is trim yet high absorption.

What I dislike : None. Will recommend this for bigger babies or those with chunky tight.

Obtained from : ZiziTot's Collection

Also available at : MyBabyPitStop

FuzziBunz OS Pocket

What I like : At first, I don't really like the idea of using an elastic rubber-material band to adjust the size setting. It looks so hassle to me. But, after some time, I do accept this revolutionary idea since the front part of cloth diaper will looks more neat compared to most one-size cloth diaper whereby, there's row of snaps on the front part to adjust the sizing. As they said, you will get the hang of it!

The flap is neater and narrower compared to other one-size pockets. It is trimmer.

What I dislike : It has 3 buttons (snaps) for closure and it can be confusing somehow. I would leave this diaper for house usage only, not to send ot to daycare or other people to babysit Baby Hambali.

Obtained from : ZiziTots Collection

Also available at : MyCheekyBoo

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