Sunday, March 27, 2011

Does it really worth it to cloth diapering?

Cloth Diaper Mummies everywhere swear on the most benefits you can gain from cloth diapering. COST SAVING!

Really? If you ask me, I would say it all depends! Ahaks! Not meant to burst the bubbles ya but, all it takes, being the Cloth Diaper Mummies how smart are you to reach your goal on saving cost and so you decided to become one cloth diaper mommas? Think about it!

It can be very motivational or it can demotivate you. I guess same goes to breastfeed. It's knowledge and the initiative to search around. Be wise. Don't get tempted easily with the best offer. Don't get tempted with the oohs and aahs of other CD mommas relating their latest Cloth Diaper indulgences. Don't think, because this brand well-recommended by many Cloth Diaper Mummies it must be good for my baby too! Likewise, this brand is easily available everywhere, so I must purchase lots! Don't take the risk ya.

I do get few moms telling me their frustration in their cloth diapering endeavour.I'm unable to assist that much since I receive less information on what the frustration is all about. Well, let me tell you the most complains I heard is the sizing issue and the leaking issue. Then, my advise on these issues solutions : Learn more and willing to compromise to be adventurous.

Why I stress on that? One, there's no standard size of cloth diaper out there. Each brand is unique and cloth diaper comes in many types. So, your best bet is to see what brand received most good reviews and if it is within your budget, get a piece or two only for a start. If you happy with it, you can get it more soon. As for me, not all times, each time I obtain new CD, it works magic to my baby. I had tried fitted diaper by two brands, Snugglehugs Fitted Sherpa and Kissaluv Fitted Diaper. Both I got it as preloved as I want to try another type of CD since I was so into pocket diaper before this. Well, it is not the diaper that went wrong but I've decided not to use fitted. That's all. Since thise two brands are popular, I manage to resell. I got nothing to lose being a little bit adventurous. Same goes to another brand that I used to love and heart by many Cloth Diaper Mummies. The Grobaby. Grobaby is good but it won't stay long for usage for baby with thunder tights! Chunky and big tight, for Grobaby the size would not be so generous. But absorption wise, you can be at peace to use at nighttime for 12 hours straight for medium-wetter like my baby.I only got one and I've sold that only piece to other moms half-heartedly.

Two, you must learn how to take care your cloth diaper well to achieve maximum satisfaction. Knows why CD can leak, smell and so on. Involve yourself with other Cloth Diaper Mummies. Don't give up yet, just mingle in cloth diaper communities.

I was inspired by one of Kaklong Nuzula, owner of Happy Cloth Diapering posting about Cheap Cloth Diaper versus Expensive Cloth Diaper. I agreed with her. For now, the lowest price of CD you can buy is RM29 per piece provided it does'nt come in bulk. And, the expensive one can go up to RM100 to RM 120 like Berry Plush and Blueberry Minky (oh don't start with the Goodmama and Muttaqin ones). I believe it is good to mix your CD stash with the low price ones and the high price ones. Then, you can make the comparison. Quoted Kaklong Nuzula, "there's no such thing as cheap CD and expensive CD".So, it is better to lable them and differentiate them by these terms. Cheap CD = Mostly Affordable and Expensive CD = Slightly Affordable.

Do the calculation yourself. How much you spend per month of disposable diapers then times it with a year and estimated it to prolong to three years the most. Then, compared the price of total 15 to 20 Cloth Diapers the least, which average one say, RM 60 per piece and times it like how you did with disposables I chose RM 60, as you can mix your stash with mostly affordable and slightly affordable, and oh don't forget preloved too.

See? Cloth diaper is so valuable even preloved especially the Slightly Affordable do possess it's resale value.

So, the next time you still doubt whether your decision to cloth diapering or about to purchase your very first cloth diaper, ponder of what I have highlighted in here.

Hanz's Note : If cost saving is not really a factor to you, think about the health benefits and the environment benefits it provides.

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