Sunday, March 27, 2011

The joy of nursing a toddler

If a child has celebrated his very first birthday, the child is already a toddler. And, continuing breastfeeding a toddler is different than doing so to a baby. What's the difference? Let me list it for you.

1. No longer crying to indicate the need for breastfeeding. As for my Baby Hambali, he will signed Nenen. Latest of what he did, he called me when I was washing the dishes, "Come, neh..neh.." (waving hands and signing nenen)

2. Switching of boobs is easier. From right to left & then back to right & stopping is up to him. Either I said, "Tukar" (change) & he quickly moved to the other one or he himself make the switching move.

3. If Mama is sleepy, he helped himself by lifting Mama's clothes. This occured during nighttime when everyone is sleeping or sometimes inside the car.

4. At times, Mama just asked, "Nak Nenen?. If he wants it, he follows Mama to the bed, making sure his pet-pillow & The Lion is part of the session. If he doesn't want it, he just shake his head. Come to think it, I found this is hilarious because it's as if asking whether he wants some biscuit..hahahah

5. During nursing session, he would make funny faces, teased me or I teased him. It's like we both are exchanging secret messages.

6. No more in one boring lying position. Most of the time, he would kneel like a kitten or rested whole body flat on my body & face down to my chest.

7. Able to wait in case Mama needs to go to the toilet or Mama has some chores to finish.Yeah, he will make quiet whimpering sound for the need to wait sometimes but usually, he can wait the least 5 minutes.

8. If Mama takes too long to start nursing session, he will sulked and it is not easy to coax him. Some reverse psychology is needed.

9. Thirsty? Mama's nenen is preferable to quench the thirst than the water in the tumbler.

10. Have I told you I don't need to bring milk bottles when we are out & about? Oh, you must know also that breastfeeding can come to a rescue in for us in case Baby Hambali starts to get cranky.

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