Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nonsense in breastfeeding that people likely to do to Nursing Mothers

Hanz's : My early days on breastfeeding my second son, Hambali year 2009.

It was a long journey full of bittersweet memories & I know that Hanafi knows how he cherishes those days when he was fully breastfed by his Mama. Almost 3 years which is 2 years fully breastfeed, meaning no formula but as he was approaching 3 years old, we started him formula.

After absences from the BF journey about 1 year plus, I begun again this journey with his little brother, Hambali. Preparation-wise is better & alhamdulillah the endurance is still there. Though occasionally, Hambali consumed the formula, I would not presurring myself this time and would remain take it easy attitude. To me, it is Something better than Nothing. I lead a very stressful life nowadays & it does taking a toll not only in this journey but all aspect in my life.

With Hanafi, some negative comments or nonsense advises I received :-
1) Please eat sweet food more so that your breastmilk taste better & baby will happily nursing. I got this during confinement.

2) Hold your breast like scissor-way a.k.a. using 2 fingers so baby won't suffocated by your breast. I learnt later that is a wrong technique should hold the breast like 'cupping' way.

3) You got lots of milk because you have BIG BOOBS. Yes, I admit I have big boobs but it got nothing to do with the milk production. Moms with cute ones have abundant in fact some till oveflow of supplies. Care to explain?

4) Don't breastfeed too long or your breast won't look nice anymore. Hemmm....

5) Never ever let the precious breastmilk drops on your boy's penis or else they will become impotence later on. This one I can't explain. Any evidence in medical research? Experience-wise or overheard from other people's story? (Note:-Received from bloodkin)

6) Why so skinny & not tall enough? He's breastfeed isn't it? By this I would patiently explained that by Medical research, BF baby tends to be smaller than the FM counterpart but the beauty of it that you can't help to notice the stronger bones & the fit, lean muscles. Anyway, that is what I've seen with my boy, Hanafi.

To date, with baby Hambali, some nonsense I received :-

1) He is only drinking breastmilk but why still got UTI? Something wrong with the breastmilk? (that occured before he is taking solids-less than 5months old) I'm SOO SAAD that I've been blamed for it & that remark comes from someone very near to you. (Notes :-UTI is Urinary Tract Infection & to cut short something to do with the bladder system. Alhamdullillah after the ordeal we've gone through, baby Hambali can now stop consuming Antibiotics nightly.

2) Tandem-nursing is No! No!. "Nanti budak jadi bodoh!" (the baby / kid will become stupid)
Me, ????.

Well, whatever people said, whatever people think & I even encountered some people pretended not to see the expressed breastmilk stock that I left & easily opened the formula while I'm away, I don't give a damn! Those people can go to H***!!

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