Saturday, March 26, 2011

My New Wardrobe by Baby Hambali

Hanz's : More on early days of Hambali's cloth diapering journey, year 2009.

Ever since Mama starts cloth diapering me, I wear nothing else but Cloth Diaper. Shortform CDs. My butt is my asset, mind you. I got to wear nice, funky prints, soft minkee feeling or very bright colours too on my butt. But, Mama faced some problems. When I'm in CDs, there's no point for me to wear any pants. Why? My butt will looks so bulky & I will not feel good especially this will slow my moving about. Besides, people will miss oogling the nice prints CDs. So, Mama stops buying me pants or any clothings that comes in suits. So, my current clothing is just CDs top with shirts or singlets, like the pics shown here.

Then, Mama told me, we must stash up your CDs, Baby so that you will be fully cloth diapers. (Psstt..Mama caught the environmental-conscious bug lately). I would say that Mama cannot resist to check almost daily those online CD shops, hooked-up in forums which is sometimes received a raised eyebrow or shaking head from Papa.

This month, Mama seeks revenge after fasting for a month on not stocking my wardrobe especially CDs. Mama also just caught up with new fashion sense too. So now, I'm not only in CDs & shirt but I'll be wearing leggings for daytime & tights for night time. Mama told me, she is concern with my leg being exposed so much but she refused to wear me in long pants (again, because of CDs). So the solution she managed now is leggings & tights. And, of course more CDs

These is my current stash...
If you must know, the top pic is tights, the middle pic is CDs (the Cow print & the Peace Bear print is Happy Heiny's OS Pocket, the Jaguar print is preloved AI2, the bright orange is the new Grobaby OS AI2 & the bluish hue is preloved Snugglehugs Fitted) & the bottom pic is leggins.

Mama did'nt stop there. She bought me more shirts to match with.

So here I am going to enjoy myself with my new wardrobe. Thanks to Mama as my Fashion Designer.


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