Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Kind of Nursing Wear

1) Previous Nursing Wear with Son No.1 - Hanafi
Worn from 2004 to 2005 for outing only, & no more wearing it outside the house as they had faded, worn-out, out-of-shape & out-of-style. But, I'm comfortable wearing them at home till now as the fabric is getting softer by time & usage. All obtained from Blessedmums.

As you can see some of the outfit is short-sleeve or sleeveless, rest assured, I worn it by teaming up with a pair of jacket or sweater or wearing arm-sock (like leggings tu)

This one is My Favourite.....

The most beloved ones. I still keep this.

2) Current Nursing Wear with Son No.2 - Hambali
Still looking & wanting more. The current one that I have getting loose (read: Am I losing weight?). All obtained from My Lovely Closet through Fabulous Mom & the clearance sale by Blessedmums.

This became a favourite
3) Self-research on types of Nursing Opening or Slits.
I gather that Nursing Moms Should make a point to know these too as the ultimate objective is discreet nursing in public, easy access, less fumbling about and most importantly, nursing wear SHOULD NOT look like nursing wear. It should appear like any other clothing be it traditionally like baju kurung or modern like tops or dresses.

I have to find which one that suits my build & the nursing opening is up to my expectation. Online shopping for clothing made me think twice as I tend to worry whether it can fit me nicely since I can't try it out firsthand. So far, all my nursing clothes I did purchased via conventional way as I want to try it out before buying. Those online shops I keep on visiting & those yummy-looking tops & dresses I still keep eyeing & wishing. Maybe once I have the guts, I might just order those that I want?

4) Designing My Kind of Nursing Wear

I have come up with 3 designs instead of one. Ha! Ha! Can't help it to get carried away.
Prerequisites :
1. Muslimah Wear (menutup aurat)
2. Does not look like any nursing wear at all. My former nursing clothes looks funny in some of the design due to the nursing opening or slit. But at that time there was less choices & less availability, so I just have to stick with it.
3. Generous sizing especially the chest area but slimmer down to the waist area. Why? I don't want to look like hippopotamus.
4. Very functional. No fumbling about, quick & easy access & appear VERY DISCREET. Hopefully even in crowded places, I can just proceed with my 'business' with the lil one.
5. Simply gorgeous!

Here is my design....

Design CCC#1
Description :- Suits for Formal / Office Wear. Double layer only at upper & lower. The inner white shirt is mock only. Outer layer fabric is wooly, those make for sweater type, but very thin. The outer layer can be either dark blue or deep red colour &just plain colours. Straight cut & sleeve must be long, not 3/4. Length must covered moms bottom part.
Nursing opening: Front only double layer
To breastfeed, lift up the front layer to access nursing opening in the under layer.

Design CCC#2
Description :- Flowy & feminine. Top it up with a pair of jeans, you'll get the casual look. Team it up with long A-cut skirt, you'll get the feminine look. Fabric can either in flowery prints or plain, soft pastel colour. Adore lavender, light brown, baby blue or pink. The end of sleeve & end of blouse is sewn with lace (renda2). A nice-looking sewn in ribbon of the same colour fabric (highlighted in image because emphasisness) is tuck at the end of top layer. Length must covered moms bottom part.
Nursing opening : There are 2 ways to nurse, either push aside the deep V-neck OR lift up top layer to nurse.

Design CCC#3
Description :- Traditional-modern looking dress similar with Kebaya. Suits for formal event or when attending 'kenduri', 'Hari Raya' & such. Can be plain colour with 2 contrast colours or harmony colours. Print materials also acceptable. Embroidery at the hem.
Nurse opening:- Nurse easily by just moving aside the front layer.

I nurse everywhere. To mention some, I've done it at Shopping Mall Walkaway Area, Kedai Mamak & Kenduri. I'm not ashamed of myself. In fact I'm proud of being one. Being a strong advocate I want to lead an example & motivate other nursing moms to follow-suit. It bothers me when I see mothers bottle-feed their young infant instead of breastfeeding. I can tolerate with this kind of scene with toddler but with young infant, it just breaks my heart till sometimes I feel the itch & have to restrain myself from open my mouth & say something about it. So, the only way at times, I just nurse openly & many times I encountered curious glances or admiring looks. Sometimes, there is also other moms questioned me about this & this is the moment that I crave for so there I goes rattling my 'campaign'.

Admittedly there appear some taboos & social restriction being thrown to nursing moms. But, why care? Why worry? Grab those nursing wear & be confident!

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