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Liners are necessary sometimes in cloth diapering

Source from : EZ Motherhood, Bamboolite
& many other cloth diapering websites.

Liners are thin layers of material that are placed on the diaper, against baby's bottom. Liners are an `optional` extra when cloth diapering your baby. Most liners are used to keep stool away from diapers for easy clean up. Diaper liners are not normally helpful for increasing absorbency. Diaper liners do not significantly increase the bulk of a cloth diaper.

Most people don’t bother with liners, but for those who would prefer to use them, there are a few different types of liners you can use.

1)Re-usable liners: Here you can simply purchase a metre of micro fleece from a fabric store and cut to shape. No need for any sewing, simply cut into rectangular shapes measuring roughly 12-13cm x 20-23cm and you`re done! These can be washed in with your diapers. These liners will help to keep baby feeling dry and help prevent staining if this bothers you.

2)Semi- Reusable Liners: Commonly these are available at the supermarket. They can be washed multiple times however will wear out sooner than micro fleece liners. These liners will help with stain prevention but have no function in keeping baby feeling dry.

3)Flushable Liners (Biodegradable): Flushable Liners are particularly handy when you`re out and about! Simply take the soiled liner out of baby`s diaper and flush it!

4)Disposable Liners : These are the worst environmentally.....they cannot be flushed, and yet, you`re supposed to remove solids from disposable diapers before throwing them out also.

5)Fleece liners: It help to keep baby dry and comfortable, while making clean up a breeze! If you use pocket diapers, you can use fleece liners if a cream or medicated ointment is required. Residue from ointment and cream can cause leakage to your cloth diapers because it repel water.The liner will protect your pocket diaper.At the same time if your baby is on medication, normally the pees and poos is more darker in colour which can caused stubborn stain. So using the liners will protect your diapers.

When you use a fleece liner, your baby's urine will pass through the liner and into your absorbent core. This is because fleece does not hold any moisture so it naturally wicks away from your baby's skin. The fleece feels dry and in turn leaves your baby feeling dry.

6) Silk liners- This one are hard to come by and a little bit expensive, but they are amazing for helping to heal rashes! They contain special healing properties created by the silk worms which are maintained through the actual manufacture of the silk fabric.

It is a natural wicking material keeping your baby's skin drier and healthier although it does not have the same "stay-dry" feel as fleece. Raw Silk Liner transports the liquid in the direction from top layer to bottom layer only. In fact Raw Silk Liner is good for women too if the are having yeast infection.

Hanz's : This is the only liners that I have since all this while I never be bothered to use any liners. Bought just curious. On the top is Fleece Liner, the printed ones is also fleece liner & the white one is Raw Silk Liner.

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