Monday, March 28, 2011

Cloth Diapers List | Those brands that we used

Hanz's : This list updated only till October 2010. More brands used till date.

Since I received quite of number of inquiries from sweet mommies asking me to recommend which brand of cloth diapers that is good so I reckon, I rather share this chat with you mommies. Read on, please...

The very first cloth diapers that I bought was Bum Genius 3.0 OS Pocket and Drybees Pocket. Bought from Mia Bambina. I love both of these brands. Here goes the rest of brands that I tried, as far as I can remember. Most brands either I have resell or give away and only certain brands that I still keep. Among cloth diapers that are still in our stashes are plenty of Happy Heinys, Antsy Pants, Bottombumpers, Cushie Tushie and a piece or two of Starbunz, Chunkibunz, Fluffy Mail, Knickernappies, Lampin Kain, Baby Beehinds Night Fitted Nappy, GAD Pocket and Autumnz.
Just click to its name so you will be link to the manufacturer's page itself. If it is unlink, meaning I could'nt find the original manufacturer. Please don't ask where I bought them because some I can remember and some I don't.

OneSize Pocket
Lampin Kain

Sized Pocket
GAD (Side Snapping) Pocket

Starbunz AIO
Chunkibunz OS AIO
Cushie Tushie (more like AI2 as the soaker detachable but non-replaceable)
Fluffy Mail
Bottombumpers Sized AI2 (soaker is replaceable & detachable, more like AI2)


Itti Bitti SIO
Grovia (used to be Grobaby)


Training Pants
Antsy Pants


Those are the cloth diapers that meant to stay because we just love it!

Hanz's : Our favourites are Happy Heinys and Bottombumpers. Comes second Itti Bitti SIO and Grovia. Comes third are GAD & BumGenius. Oh, we love Drybees too. I think I'm going to get more fitted next. :-) And, perhaps...Drybees again....

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