Monday, March 28, 2011

10 Weeks Sweet Pregnancy

Hanz's : Posted this in former blog on Decmber 8, 2010.

I don't drink coffee anymore. It is not that I loathe this aromatic dark bitter concoction, it is still taste good when gulped down my throat but the post-effect after that. An hour or so, I will started feeling queasy, nausea and weird taste down my toungue. And the worst part is my stomach feels funny. So, I stopped coffee, wishing this is a temporary phase and yes, I don't feel sleepy at all despite the missing caffeine in my veins.

I still don't binge on food or munching in between meals like I did for the previous two pregnancies. I still eat right on time only then the portion slightly more or else I feel hungrier faster.

I just bought 2 maternity pants, 1 maternity blouse which don't really look like maternity blouse and another blouse, a two piece cut so I can hide my growing bulge. Even the two maternity pants does'nt look like one but I don't have much choice as the existing pants starts to tight around my waistline.

I am glad that I don't have morning sickness and I am energetic as ever during the day. I really need it as I want to prove that my condition nowadays does'nt stop me from performing my best at work. Despite this, I have night sickness instead. By 6 in the evening through the night, I could not avoid on exhaustion, nausea and irritable too.

I do get the occasional mood swings. Sometimes I will act nonchalant on every single thing and at times, while my boss was talking to me, I gave him poker face as if I don't care. That bad huh? Hehe..nope, don't get scolded for that though but somehow I think he can sensed this is one of those Hanz's things. And, he's the only people in the office knows that I am expecting not from my mouth but from my hubby's instead. Sigh..he congratulated hubby instead me. And, this subject still don't brought up by him. Guess he's waiting for me to tell him. Aaahh....let's see..once the bump is very obvious then I would do so.

I started to put on weight and few people have noticed my rounder cheeks. So, there was I have to tell them my status. Oh, many people don't believe me when I told them that I am expecting the 3rd ones. They thought that I am expecting my very first. Funny.

Oh, by the way, I started to get the mood of shopping and you can guess what it is. Cloth diapers. Tiny cute ones that I can't resist.

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