Sunday, March 27, 2011

5 daily beauty and fitness habit that I live by

Beauty and fitness to women : What does it means to you? Everyone wants to look good, right? And so am I. I did these for ages and has become habits that is hard to not to do it as it does me good! ;-D

Here's the secret :

1. Never ever get the day goes by without washing my face, tone and moisturise twice a day, morning and nightly. Products used are depending on my skin's condition.

2. Smother my whole body with body lotion. I prefer hypoallergenic types and baby-catered lotions. The best part is since day one we were married, Hubby is the one who slathered lotion on my backside on weekdays morning since I can't reach certain areas. It's therapeuthic. 

3. Lots of plain water. Lots of fruits and / or vegetables. I'm not that discipline to maintain supplement intakes.

4. Exercise regularly and ever since I acquired sauna home kit, I alternate exercises with saunas. If I fail to do both, I would try my best to walk or do lots of physical activities like house cleaning on that day.

5. Two to three times a week, do some cleansing, beauty and body-hygiene checking. Clipping nails, remove unwanted hairs, scrubs my face, putting on face masks, moisturise hairs...oh many, many things as needed. I feel so clean and fresh afterwards!

What about you? Care to share your daily beauty and fitness routines?

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