Sunday, March 27, 2011

Donald Duck waddled about in our house

Hanz's : Sharing this in June 2010 when Hambali wore woolies for the first time teamed up with very bulky fitted.

Am not kidding. His bum was just like Donald Duck! It's my lil tot that I'm referring to...- Baby Hambali wearing for the first time new fitted diaper and new wool soaker. Lucky that he has a flat bum and last night, his Papa kept teasing him that there's a Donald Duck in our house.

I give it a go for woolies before saying goodbye on this Cloth Diapering journey. And, give it a try for fitted after not much success with preloved Snuggleshugs Fitted Sherpa and preloved Kissaluv Fitted.

First I bought preloved via Diaperswap Forum these well-reviewed fitted especially for nighttime.

Although it is Onesize fitted, it fit too snug for my boy and not much room to grow. In the long run, it won't be worth keeping. You see Baby Hambali has a unique body structure and measurement. Flat bum, chunky tight, broad waist and quite tall...that's my Baby Hambali alright!

With much reluctance I sold it back although BBH OS Bamboo Fitted & BBH OS Hemp Fitted won't be easily to get locally nowadays. Cloth-Addict Diaper Mommas knew this, it's more like a commodity...ekekekeke.

So, when MyCheekyBoo brought another type of BBH Fiited which BBH Night Nappy Fitted, I grabbed it after gotten assurance from Bonnie that the sizing is far generous. Yup! It's true. It is not Onesize and I got L size for Baby Hambali and he can fit it at the very first setting last night.

See him in action!

See what I mean? He looks so bulat! ;D

And, since fitted must be worn with cover...I team it up with woolies. I ordered this from another Cloth Diaper Momma, Sharine. She is my CD-Sifu actually. Her blog, Cloth Diapering Journey was the one I kept referring before venture into the world of Cloth Diaper.

These was how Baby Hambali's bum looked like.

Tried to capture him in action while he's waddling about but he's too quick on minding his own business. Not much a model Baby Hambali can be..hehehe...

This dipes is very bulky but I was satisfied with it's performance. After last night, the woolies not even wet! And, not even wet outside the fitted dipes either. If saying that Baby Hambali is a light-wetter, with other dipes, it's quite soaked but with time I should give it a try without putting on the wool soaker.

The dipes looks like these.....

Like an oyster, right?

The soaker can be folded to many,many layers...up to 23 layers! Worth for heavy wetter I think especially to be used at night.

And the woolies look like these....

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