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A natural non-medicated and no pushing required birth

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Birth Story of Annastasia Hope Winston 
12.31 noon
- A natural, non-medicated and no pushing required birth -

This pregnancy, I had an awful first trimester with nasty morning sickness and no appetite to eat at all. In fact, by the time I gave birth, I weigh only 2kg more than my pre-pregnancy weight! Apart from being diagnosed with GDM again (but doing fine with the BSP monitoring), I had an easier time once the nausea and vomiting phase was over. My doctor wasn't concerned with my lack of weight gain, "As long as your baby is growing, I am ok. Easier for u to lose weight also later", he joked.
Ok, fast forward to the birth itself. This story started weeks prior to the actual birth. As with my firstborn, I have been experiencing prodormal labor since the 38th week and with the tell tale sign, a ginormous nose! LOL! I had been bargaining with baby not to come until Thursday (13/08) because of so many things and work-related stuffs I need to settle before going for maternity leave. The next day went for my final ante natal check (birth plan discussed, agreed and signed by my doctor during the previous check up. Among things I requested in my birth plan: 
1. Freedom to move during labor,
2. no continuous monitoring unless absolutely necessary and with consent, 
3. no episiotomies,
4. food and drink during labour, 
5. birth in any position I am comfortable in
6. No pain relief, do not bug me about pain relief
7. Delayed cord clamping 
8. Skin to skin contact and bonding
9. Breastfeeding initiation at birth
10. Baby rooming in with mommy

After the ante natal appointment, as I was walking back to my living quarters, my colleague who is a seasoned daddy of 5, told me, "I beri you masa 3 hari je lagi. I nampak perut u dah turun sgt". Wow! Impressive! I thought. "We'll see if your prediction is right", I replied. Haha...
Sunday (16/8)
We went out for family lunch outside and spent the day sightseeing. On the way back, we passed by a couple of stalls selling durians, I wanted to stop but one of my niece couldn't stand the smell of durians. So that evening, I went on a durian hunt with my niece. The durian seller joked that maybe I will give birth after having the durians. Lol!

Mission accomplished! I enjoyed eating the durians (I had maybe 5 slices, my mom told me not to eat too much, and she watched me like a hawk!). That night, I went to bed telling baby, if it's time, don't give mummy subtle signs. Mummy is a bit bebal. Lol!
Monday (17/8)
I woke up at about 2.50am by strong squeezing sensations that started from my back and wrapped to the front. Realizing that this time it felt different than the usual Braxton Hicks and the fact that it was able to JOLT me awake made me start to time it. 8 minutes apart, then 6, then 5. I realized, this could be it! 
So I woke up my dad and asked him to send me to the hospital just to check. While waiting for dad and mom to get ready, I had my breakfast (soft boiled eggs and coffee).

We reached the hospital by 5.15am and I was referred to the Labor & Delivery unit for observation. CTG showed regular contractions albeit rather mild and VE showed I was about 3cm dilated. So I was admitted.
After settling some paperwork for admission, we settled in my assigned room. Those who know my mom would know that mom would be a nervous wreck when it comes to childbirth, so I stayed calm and relaxed even during contractions because I didn't want mom to panic. I had breakfast (again!), peed, pooped and moved around. By 9am, my doctor examined me and by then I was about 4cm dilated. Just as he was to perform the VE, my waterbag burst.
I asked to be allowed to go to my room to eat and shower. Looking back, I guess when I was showering, I must have been about 5cm dilated. The hot shower really helped! I went back to the delivery suite at 11am when I started feeling like I want to vomit. Knowing it as a sign that I am progressing and nearing transition, I was happy and stayed upright. I walked, I swayed my hips and i went to the toilet when I told the nurse, "oops, i feel like i have the urge to poop". She examined me again and i was 6cm! So, i stayed in the room and kept vomiting. I was standing and holding the edge of the bed when I started feeling intense urge to poop. I informed the midwife and she rushed to assist me to go on the bed. By this time the contractions were almost continuous with only a brief pause in between. I was fully dilated! She paged my doctor and at that time, lying sideways was the ONLY position 'comfortable' for me (comfortable as in I don't feel as if my tailbone was going to explode!). When my doctor came, the nurse asked me if i want to change position I can do so when I don't feel pain. I shot back, "the pain is continuous la! Mana ada x sakit. I don't want to move!" (mak beruang persona dah tunjuk taring, lol!).
At this moment I can feel 'something' bulging out and sliding back in a few times. I wasn't pushing. I was just breathing long and deep breaths and keeping my jaws and limbs relaxed. Then just as my doctor turned, I lifted one leg and out came my baby. Swoosh! No forceful pushing involved at all!
They put baby on my chest and we had our skin to skin. My doctor waited until the cord stopped pulsating (it was white and pale) when he cuts it. The placenta was delivered soon after and my doctor examined me and informed I need a few stitches but not to worry as the tears were only on the skin layer. I guess the stitchings hurt more than the birth. Haha... Natural tears heal faster than episiotomies, that's the truth!
We had our skin to skin and breastfeeding initiation. The awesome birth team left us to bond for at least two hours! I only went back to my room at almost 3pm! They really honoured my birth plan and request. 
smile emoticon
Praises be to God, the Creator of the human body. 
Thanks to our family and friends for support and prayers. 
Thanks also to the wonderful midwives and nurses of BMC's Labour and Delivery Dept. 
Thanks also to our awesome doctor, Dr Phillip Kho for his awesome care and respecting my birth plan and wishes.

My Tips : 
1. Stay active, practice healthy habits. 
2. Reduce stress. 
3. Avoid anxiety. Don't overthink things. I don't overthink about how i birth, just place hope and faith in this God-given body of mine. 
4. I tried prenatal yoga. Was able to attend only one class but my instructor is a gem! The relaxation and breathing exercises are good! 
5. Keep lips, jaws and limbs relaxed during labor. 
6. Stay upright and mobile as much as possible during labor. I am now known as the lady who was still standing at 10cm!
7. When writing your birth plan, be concise and know what you want. A good careprovider will be open to honour your requests when he knows that u know what and why you want the things on your list.

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