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Ironically sleepy gentle birth | The birth of Amir Ikram Aden

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20/1/2015 : i was only at 36w so when my parents asked me to follow them for a visit to my grandpa's in kuala pilah, i said yes. It was during the journey I felt many stronger braxton hicks as compared to before and i thought to myself "awal jugak ke adik nak keluar ni". my eldest was born at 37w, a day after a journey by car. almost the same scenario here.

21/1/2015 : had trouble sleeping and was killing time watching some k-dramas. braxton hicks were stronger but i was still relaxed and didn't even tell mr. hubby.

22/1/2015 : i was asleep when i was suddenly awaken by a period pain-like cramp. like a deja-vu , i knew that was it since it was the same feeling the day his sister was born. the time was 0915 and i told mr. hubby when he came to check on me. the look on his face was priceless. of course he was mentally prepared to welcome a new member of the family but i bet he didn't expect the arrival would be too soon. 

Alhamdulillah we attended the AMANI class so we knew that it was an early 1st stage labor and decided to do a last minute shopping to get our mind off things and to get me to walk around. so out we went buying this and that. couldn't really remember as i was busy controlling my breathing. at one point of time, after i felt very uncomfortable to walk around anymore, i told him i wanted to go home. Arrived home around noon. at this point onwords i couldn't recall all the details as the surges were getting intense. i remember being on the gym ball a lot and on all fours to ease myself. at the same time mr.hubby spreaded the canvas we bought since our plan A was homebirth. so from noon to around 1630, the bits n pieces i remember were mr.hubby giving me kurma and some 3 in 1 drink, more gymball, pacing around the living room and being on all fours. 

Around 1630 (if i'm not mistaken), i started to bleed with every surges (or at least most of it). luckily we had the canvas ready or mr. hubby would have an 'awesome' time cleaning up. as the surges got more and more intense i tried to fill my head with happy thoughts:

"the baby is coming closer with every surge"

"ohhh,i'm soaring in the sky... on a paraglider"

" just a little bit more and i'll reach the top of this mountain" 

However,i had to admit i was distracted. We had our 2 1/2 year old daughter witnessing all d blood and mommy being in pain. i felt guilty towards her.

As i bled more,mr. hubby called our AMANI class instructor, Hanz for advice. after their talk, he asked whether i want to go to the hospital. At first i didn't give any answer. i believed i was in the transition phase- couldn't talk, eat or drink and got mad when he touched me. A bit later, he asked again. I looked at his worried face and said yes. he was the first one suggesting the homebirth and if he's that worried i better listen. so off we went to our plan B which was less than 10 minutes away.

Arrived at Columbia Asia Cheras around Maghrib and went straight to labor room with our 2 1/2 year old on tow. immediately, a nurse wanted to perform VE. we told them we had birth plan with Dr. Norshida and will only allow 1 VE. i was at 8cm she said. they put the CTG on. The doctor was on the way so we had to wait. Meanwhile,we gave another copy of our birthplan to the nurses in the labor room. They told mr.hubby to register downstairs but he was adamant to stay and sat on the hospital bed to make sure they stick to the birthplan until the doctor arrived. 

Then,i felt it. The sensation down there that you know you just have to give in to it and breathe the baby out. Told the nurse but was asked to wait because the doctor wasn't there yet. I'm laughing as i'm writing this now because it was absurd but it sure was not funny then. The doctor got there a few minutes later and our little baby boy was born about 5 minutes later at 2023 witnessed by mr. hubby and dear daughter. i was stitched up for 1st degree natural tear and i was bleeding because of "uri lekang" (i just use the doctor's word). Basically, the hospital followed our birthplan except for a few things. 

In conclusion, i would say i got about 95% of the gentle birth i wanted. oh,i had to add that during transition i was verrrrrryyyy sleepy... so sleepy that i just wanted to get it over with n then sleep n sleep... but i ended up not being able to sleep for d next 24 hours after giving birth... irony:)

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