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Serene Office Birth Story | Baby Muhammad's birth story

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Alhamdulillah, how thankful I am that our homebirth turn out perfectly even is not how we imagine it but having our first born the way we wanted is all that matter to us. I want to thank to Hanz Jamaludin (Sis Hanz) and my sister for being there for us even the person is not there and we just contacted them by using whatapps and facebook messages only, but it means a lot to us.May Allah bless their family with good health and happiness.

The birth story of Muhammad bin Hafiz.
We heard about homebirth when my sister did her’s homebirth, she gave birth to her’s first born and i read about her birth story it was beautiful and it touched  me a lot. She’s opened up my mind about the drug and how it can affect the baby inside. I won’t go through homebirth if hubby(my husband) not into it but ALHAMDULILLAH, he understand me, he knew I could do it if I put my mind into it and also because he had been persuaded by my sister too...huhu. Then my sister recommended that hubby and I should go to Amani Birth class. 

We met Hanz Jamaludin, she taught us everything we should know about liked how to breath calmly, eat healthy , sensation, labor and drug side effect. We did water birth at my husband’s office. It’s all set up by him. My edd was 26/5/2014 but I gave birth 2 week early(38 week).

I felt like my tummy ache came and went since I was at 36 week pregnant so I guess that’s how braxton hicks felt like. But there’s no sign of water break or blood show yet. My sister asked me “how am I doing?”and i just replied to her that “I can’t wait for the baby to came out..ehehee.” She said be “patient the time will come” and she advicedme to always exercise, drink plenty of water and be active. And I did. I cleaned the house, did house chores and helped hubby during the night at his office.

I remembered in Amani birth class that when you 'loveydovey'(making love)  also one of natural inducer and make the wife felt liked they are lovable. After we loveydovey, I took a warm shower a bit to ease my back pain. Then I realized there's a blood and I said to hubby “hubby the blood has show” with a smile on my face. But he was a bit worry because he thought that the cause of  that blood  is when we loveydovey. I told him that it’s nothing to be worry about, he asked me that if i could ask my sister if it’s normal. Before that I informed sis hanz, sis fay and sis aimi that I had a blood show. Then I texted my sister ask about the blood and she said “nothing to be worry about.” She reminded me to do all the usual stuff. The tummy ache kept on coming and making me felt a bit uncomfortable. At 5pm we went to the clinic, we asked the doctor for vaginal check up, and now I knew how vaginal check up felt liked! Ughh..the doctor said that “it’s already open 2 cm.” I was happy and then we went home to packed some clothes to go to the office. The night came and I did the usual stuff like drank raspberry tea leaf, pelvic rock, listened some music and belly dancing. We actually thought this is the night that we are waiting for, but nothing happen at that night. So we went home. Before I went to sleep,  I prayed first, i prayed that hoping nothing will go wrong and prayed that we gave all our hope to Him.

Wake up in the morning for Fajr prayer. We prayed May Allah helped us and make it easy for us. My tummy ache came and went again, i ignored it with breathing while doing my house chores. After I finished wash the toilet I felt the tummy ache again and this time my breathing didn’t work much. I said to hubby that it’s time to go to the office. Before we went to the office I took a warm bath for the second time to relax and it did work a bit. It was 10.30 am and we on our way to the office. I could not even sit still in the car, I felt liked wanted to stand and i don’t want to sit my bottom down. We arrived at 10.50 am at the office and i went to the room that already set up a pool, gym ball and a bed for me. Hubby turned on the speaker to play the yiruma music to calm me down. It did calmed me while I was doing pelvic rock to ignored the sensation.12.00 pm the sensation became more strong than before the pelvic rock can’t calm me now, I asked hubby a water and a raspberry tea leaf. Hubby calmed me down he said “patient, stay strong” and he reminded me to breathe. At 2.00 pm hubby offered me some banana to eat but I refused because the sensation became stronger after that the surges gone for a bit. I ask him for somenyor(coconut water) instead. Hubby wanted me to go for a walked a bit in circle,at first I refused when the second time he asked me and he said to me he will support my shoulder, I nodded my head a sign that I agreed with it, he knew that I felt liked I can’t barely walked for even a minute.The surges become closer after the walked. 2.50 pm my mind started to give up and when i saidto hubby that I felt liked giving up while lying down at my back at the bed and my leg wide open then hubby said “Baby, I can see theketuban” I was liked “what?”. Hubby said “do you want to look?” I nod my head because I can’t even say yes then he take a picture at my vagina, he showed me the picture and that gave me hope again. I ask him for one more walked even if I can’t stand up but i insist to walked with hubby support me at the shoulder. After the walked I said to hubby “it’s time to sit in the pool” while his putting the warm water into the pool and I was about to put myleft leg into the pool  a ‘pop’ sound came out, I said to hubby “the water just broke”. When I was in the pool the surges is closer and closer, the sensation became more stronger and I can’t even control my breathing. I kept my mouth saying “Allah, Allah, Allah” and hubby by my side said “sabar b, sikitlagi”.At 3.12pm i sawhalf of the baby head and hubby didn’t touch the baby head yet, then hubby said “one more push b”.One minute later full baby’s head came out and around 25 second, baby’s right hand came out with the whole body,andit happen too fast. At 3.15pm hubby catch the baby and put him at my chest. I cried and said “Allah, Allah, Alhamdulillah.” Muhammad bin Hafiz cries for awhile and fall asleep at my chest. Hubby took our son and azan at his little ear while I watched him azan my heart felt so calm, inside my thought I said “YaAllah. I will never forget this day. Thank you Allah for making it all easy for us”. The feeling was wonderful. After that we text my sister and sis hanz the happy news while we waiting for the placenta to come out, to be honest when I waited the placenta to came out it hurt a bit but the pain never bother me at that time because I been distracted by our little baby boy. 15 minute later the placenta came out and we delay cord clap for about one hour after that cord been cut by hubby, he clean up the room and I take a bath and rest with our newborn son. After hubby finished cleaned up, he ‘tahnik’ our son.

11.00 am we went to the hospital and I had 1st degree tear and no stitches needed. What annoyed me the most when the nurses kept asking me whether I want to stitches my vagina or not even when I said I don’t want to stitches it.The doctor check our son four timeswith three different doctor. The Doctor said I need to stay in the hospital at least 12 hours. Hubby refuse for me to stay there. Alhamdulillah, the doctor said he was a healthy baby and weight  2.4 kg. We discharged at that day.

Someone asked me how does it felt liked doing homebirth? I answered  with a smile and said there’s not much a different the only different is my son is drug-free, he came to this world calmly and we knew that we did the right decision. Giving birth is a beautiful gift whether you homebirth or not has long you know what you want!

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