Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Literacy enhancement through Baby Signs is proven

Highlighting from few research conducted for the past two decades :

The most significant research was an NIH funded study comparing two groups of 11 month old babies. One group was taught baby sign language. The second group was given verbal training. Surprisingly, the signing group were more advanced talkers than the group given verbal training. The lead of the signing group continued to grow, with the signers exhibiting verbal skills 3 months ahead of the non-signers at 2 years old. Their lead seemed to shrink a little after two years old, but even at three years old – the signers were still ahead

The authors of the NIH study, followed up with the children at 8 years old. Surprisingly, there was still a difference. Signers showed IQ’s 12 points higher than the non-signers, even though they had long since stopped signing. This put the signers in the top-25% of eight year old, compared to the non-signers who were close to average.

Highlighting evidence collected from family's keepsakes :

We adopted the Baby Signs programme when our second son was six months old. Read full story HERE

We used plenty of books to enable him to sign back as we kept on adding his baby signs vocabulary. It does get better when I did read-aloud to him every morning in the car on our way to his daycare. Ever since then, he has developed the love of reading and the love of books at very tender age.

Signing lesson did him good and we caught him in action signing on his own while watching children's programme on television.

He taught himself to read and this picture said it all on an example how he did it. Quoting from Dr Linda's Acredolo and Dr Susan Goodwyn findings, baby signs promote neurological connections, thereby creating and strngthening circuits that then are available as the child moves on to learn words.


On top of that, it promotes literacy and we're proud when Hambali could read at 32 months without rigid structured guidance from us as we found this great discovery. 
Read full story HERE.

And now, one more month before celebrating his fourth birthday, he is an avid reader! His vocabulary on reading is up to 100 words and able to read simple sentence. He did'nt need much coaxing on reading. In fact, whenever we were out, most of the time, he would ask a magazine or a book for him instead a toy.

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