Monday, April 30, 2012

I have come this far with our cloth diapering journey

Among the things that I enjoyed to do very much is 'investing' 
in cloth diapers and cloth diapering my children. 
In retrospect mode, I must confessed that our cloth diapering 
has reap a fruitful and fulfilling journey. 
Then suddenly you hit the pause button just to take a moment on how it all started.


 The above picture is priceless! 
My 2nd boy was then at 4 months old worn his very first cloth diaper, 
Drybees Pocket in medium sized in brown polka dot print.


I read a rave about this brand; Blueberry Pocket so I gave it a try. 
But to me having to spend over RM100 for a piece of cloth diaper was then unaffordable 
so when there was  garage sale and this brand just happened was there, 
I quickly grabbed it. 
Preloved with excellent condition and costed me about RM20 I think.

I must laughed at myself when yester-years I would think one piece of cloth diaper 
price range RM50 above was very expensive. 
Now, you could obtained cloth diaper easily locally as low as RM15. 
Huge difference, isn't it for the past 4 years? 
And, my own record, the highest I 'invested' on one piece of cloth diaper 
was RM160 for customised ones.

I've done lots of research on my own by reading blogs, forums both abroad and locally.
Back then, there's no FB group to share and chat about cloth diapers and 
cloth diaper sellers are'nt that many compared to nowadays. 
So after reading about another system which All-In-One which works just like disposable diapers only then it is reusable, I bought this brand, Chunkibunz to give it a try. 
Well, I simply loved it especially the print is on 
among my favourite children's book The Very Hungry Catepillar. 
It was rare back then!
As I used to be a hardcore blogger, I found cloth diaper and sharing tips on cloth diapering were one of my favourite topics I love to blog.
 Very proud of this former blog of mine as many has being influenced and made the transition to be cloth diaper mamas.

Soon enough, I held my very first cloth diapering workshop with no fee, 
simply out of my passion.

Then FB phenomenal hit, I was being invited to join this group, Malaysian Cloth Diapering Parents. And, Farhana, then co-admins with Ayuni, invited me to work along vying for Malaysian record holding this world-class event., called by The Great Cloth Diaper Change.
It was tough since we need to follow the terms and conditions set by Real Diaper Association and to set the record in the Guinness World Record, this diaper change must be done simultaneously all over the world and Malaysian has to do it half past midnight.

Heavy with my third pregnancy, I was MC-ing as well during the historical night.

Later, still smitten by GCDC fever, we the MCDP held our very first gathering year 2011 
and of course, cloth diaper was the favourite and main topic of the day!

This year, we, the MCDP attempted to break last year's record and with two hostesses 
this time round, we hope we achieved it. 
Having to lead this event was a great learning experience and 
sharing my passion was meaningful lifetime experience!

I am still cloth diaper mama and the tradition keeps going 
with my third boy who is now almost 10 months


  1. hahaha! Chunkibunz!! OMG I totally remember that diaper, I LOVED it! We sold that out of the old Jalan Damai Bungalow when Tiny Tapir was first operating there.. Wow, how time flies - thanks for the memories :)

  2. They're super stretchy and the softest diaper I've felt. Nothing scratchy touching the baby, and since they stretch and fit comfortably snug no matter what, you never have a pile of left over diapers that don't fit him anymore, when they go up to a new size. They fit till the end, and they overlap each other in size rage so there are no weird periods of growth when he's an 'in-between' size.
    honest co


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