Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Review on Baby Snowdrop Minky Post-partum Cloth Pad

I was already utilizing few post-partum cloth pads (PP CP) by Baby Snowdrop and others since giving birth for the third time, when the founder sent me more PP CP for reviewing. The difference of this one is that the fabric used is minky which I'm keen to know the outcome. However, too bad that it reached me when my flow was'nt that heavy anymore or else I would rate it performance more thoroughly.

After pre-washed once, I used immediately and recalling should I'm not mistaken around day 18 of my confinement. I like the velvety feeling and softness and did'nt experienced the wet, damp feeling at all.

I had an issue on staining during this confinement period as the flow heavier and thicker than regular menses. From those I've purchased almost all locally-made, I did encountered few issues on stain to some brands. It took several wash and be dried them up facing scorch burning sun to remove those stubborn stain. Even with the cotton fabric by Baby Snowdrop, faint stains could be seen.

Surprisingly, it must be the minky made the stains not so difficult to remove. Oh, yes, I like it. Only then, I just hope that the lining around the curvy edge could be made slightly thinner because I found it became a little bit hard at times after wash. I also hope that the back curve to be made slightly smaller as I could'nt fold it three parts once used to chuck the soiled ones in the cloth pad wet bag. It is taking too much space.

Absorbency wise, yes, no leaking experience even long hours used. Plus, it is well-sewn and nice contoured shape. Oh, not forgetting the ooh aahh gorgeous looking minky.

Recommend this one for other expectant moms! :)

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