Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby Hazlami's Birth Story | Preparing for Home Birth with Natural Childbirth in mind

Here is a little bit of what I (we) had prepared in order for the planned Natural Childbirth and Home Birth.

This book was treated like school's textbook.
Big and thick but it's the illustration and lengthy notes was very helpful.
I strongly recommend to get a hold on this book eventhough you are not planning for natural childbirth.
My notebook to jot everything right from pregnancy till my baby is born and ongoing journey.
This is a gym ball. A ball whereby I used it to exercise during pregnancy, a ball which I used to induce myself during the period of 'agony in waiting' &
it is also a ball that I used to lean against it during stage 2 - active labour.
I was on all fours & both my arms/hands hugged this ball especially
when the contraction was unbearable at certain times.
I gave birth in almost squatting position & my back lean against this ball.
The ball was pressed hard against my bed.

For 'alas' (cover). I glued few pieces of this incontinence pad so it resemble a dispos matress cover! :). Getting ready during the labour so any bloody, yucky messy can just throw!
Hot water bottle. It is so good to be used when you have aching back. I asked hubs to pressed this hot water bottle during the rapid contraction to lessen the ache.
We're suppose to use this for clipping the umbilical cord but it ended up unused.
Oh, this is just daily change of Baby's clothings, within reach simply ease to grab on the spot.
The rest of the stashed kept in 2 boxes.
Ointments, supplements, toiletries..

Well, actually I am not so good to be descriptive in explaining those stuff used especially in correct terms, so these are the only I manage to do.

Soon, more story on Baby Hazlami's Birth Story


  1. salute both of u for being able to do natural birth. nanti nak menuntut ilmu dgn u lah hehe

  2. wow. just, wow. waiting impatiently for part 2 :)

  3. bila i nak pi tengok baby H niiii..insyaAllah weekend ni k!i sms u dulu

  4. masa bslin both of my boys pun mmg saya pakai gym ball utk lean ms skit n it sure does help...n bouncing on the ball does speed up the labour..seriously..done that after watching a documentary on labour...anyway, u've done an AWESOME JOB!!!....cngratsss

  5. congrats to both kak hanz n hubby for the new baby H..


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