Monday, July 25, 2011

Baby Hazlami's Birth Story | Affliction with late arrival

We wanted to have another baby in hope it is going to be a girl this time. We planned the 4 years gap with No.2 and the planned offspring as what it is between No.1 and No.2.

But, we can only planned but still succumbed to what destiny has being written. It would only be 3 years gap  between No.2 and soon No.3 and I was'nt prepared either initially.I was'nt sure about the estimated due date but pretty adamant with 2 EDDs. Either the 22nd or 29th of June. On top of that, Baby Hazlami was one mysterious baby. Despite the timely scanned everytime I went for my periodic antenatal check-up, his gender remains unseen through the scanned.

I took early maternity leaves as I wanted to tune in and all focus with the home birth preparation and after I did prepared all both in materials and affirmations, there's no sign that Baby Hazlami will be soon pop out. I begun to get very anxious. I found myself kept rummaged through well-prepared cloth diapers, clothings and stuffs.I begun to doubt about our wish for natural childbirth right at home.

The week of 22nd passed by and as it approached week of 29th, I've started to google lots on natural inducer of giving birth. I had remained very active throughout my pregnancy so I continuosly do so although the bump is getting heavier and protruding proudly. The final antenatal check-up I did, Baby Hazlami already weighed 3.1kg. I avoided seeing the schedulled obstrectician in fear I will be induced as I had passed my due date.

I walked lots like mindless window shopping, exercise, dancing, drank coconut juice lots and even pineapple juice few times. The constant nipple stimulation through my second child as he nursed for comfort only before sleeping was'nt giving any significant impact and so did few times lovemaking.In a way, though, this article was helpful about natural ways to induce labour.

I remembered it well how stressed I was because it was putting me at stake especially maternity leave it concerns. It did'nt helped either when hubs almost like everyday being asked whether I gave birth or not and the pressurised atmosphere can be sensed everywhere in our household. At times, I'm cool about it and with constant companion of FB to keep my mind off from the affliction and that was when I started to sort my stuff and doing de-stashing did entertained me. At times, I would cried my heart out and worried too much. I resorted to Gentle Birth group in facebook and many advised me not to worry. And, I was also advised to try acupuncture. And so I went. 

Well, it was'nt really worth to recall experience. Along quite pain procedure, I could'nt stand the acupuncturist bad mouth. Anyway, the acupressure did'nt helped either.

Month of July appeared and I started feel less care about giving birth. Hubby's constant reminder and word of assurance that let nature took it course was the one I hold onto. I had also accepted the fact about my maternity leaves in waste for taking it too early and other leaves will be affected too.But, I would get very upset when people mindlessly asked when I would give birth so take note : Don't ask heavily preggie mum this kind of question. It will got to their nerves and very annoying.

While waiting and nesting, I did constantly talked to Baby Hazlami whom were used to be called Baby-H. I asked him when you would like to see the world, and so many I've shared with him. It was only when I am in total calmness, Baby Hazlami decided to show up finally.

And so, the peak story of Baby Hazlami's arrival will be continued soon.....


  1. owh..dia pun pandai..bila mak dia dah releks baru dia nak keluar..hehe..

    'Don't ask heavily preggie mum this kind of question. It will got to their nerves and very annoying.'- ok,..lps ni tak buat dah..hehe..

  2. hanz, congrate on ur newborn!
    proud of u mommy..till now i masih TERUJA dengan 'home birth' yang u alami!

  3. I know the anticipating feeling so well. I went through that with #4. Being asked so frequently why I am still around and not pop yet. Yours is the concern with maternity leave, mine was to finish my course so I can sit for exam without delaying another year, but ended up I still have to wait


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