Friday, March 25, 2011

Tips on preparing your breastfeeding journey successfully

I have a confession to make.

I was not well-prepared the
first time being a mother. Nevertheless, thank goodness, I have corrected myself & it was fruitful in the end.

This second time round, I have make sure that I got all prepared. But, please be reminded that how well you prepared, there could still be hiccups along the way. Not to scare you though. It's part & parcel of motherhood. Perseverance is the key.

What is actually needs to be prepare
?. You may find that what I'm about to chat is different from what you read because this is based on my experiences. I will start of with physical items. Once you are expecting a child & you have decide that you want to breastfeed for quite some time, it is essential to invest in :-

1. A good pump - Not only for working mothers but for SAHM or WAHM as well to own it. You'll never know there are times you will be away from your baby & you need someone else to take care of your baby, so at least you have the expressed breastmilk in handy, you will thank the pump that you think you don't need it. I can say Medela range & Spectra range & some say Ameda is good too. I, myself used Medela.

2. Storage of expressed breastmilk - Please get those that Special polypropylene plastic (US FDA Grade) designed to retain breastmilk beneficial properties or polypropylene bottles.


3. Cooler bag complete with chillers - Essential to transport your EBM from office or other places back to home sweet home.

4. Nursing bras - Plenty of these. When baby demanded to be feed, you don't want your baby to wait while you are struggling with the bra back hook. At the same time, you don't want to expose the whole of boobs as well, do you?

5 . Nursing attire - Why? If you want to breastfeed in public & wants to appear discreet, it is a MUST.

6. Nursing cover or Poncho/ Sling / Blanket clipper - Not necessarily but some moms like to have it. Available in Fabulousmom, Peekaraboo, Miabambina, Babyloft & so forth (just to name a few). Please check those website I mentioned.

7. Nursing necklace - It looks attractive & pretty useful for distracted baby. My baby is distracted too but I think if I'll get one of that, he will stop nursing & play with that instead.

8. Some supplement example Oatmilk, Milkmaid Tea to boost the milk supply. This is not necessary unless there are sign showing your milk supply is decreasing. For myself, since Cow's product is banned from my diet, I switched to Oatmilk. I tell you it is good not as for nursing mother only but for my digestive system too. I'm getting it for my mom too you know.

9. EBM / Milk Collector shell - While you are nursing or pumping, there will be happen the other side of breast will leaking as well. Please collect those precious drops. We, nursing moms definitely understand how valuable those precious drop is. You can use the shell available by Medela.

10. Breastpad - Oh, oh, there are times when leaking happen, you don't want the whole world to see those damp wetness on your front clothing, would you? Grab plenty of these, ya.

Okay, I might forgetting some items, so please comment & remind me later.

Now, I move on to the next topic which is the emotional & mentally part.

1. Be realistic - Everyone has different needs. Same goes to you and your baby. Maybe you will wonder how much milk your baby need, whether it is enough or not. You might also think that the yield of previous pump session should be sufficient or not. Well, let your baby be the cue. And. let your maternal instinct plays it role. Trust me.

2. Determination - You yourself decide that you choose to do this. If there's any negative remark, just ignore. You know better.

3. Perseverance - I admit that breastfeeding is not all bed of roses. There are times tougher than you can imagine. Hang on there! You are not alone! Get yourself involve with other nursing moms. Share your story with them. Read other moms nursing journey. These will give you some assurance to remain cool, calm & collected.

4. Eliminate stress - If you happen to be one of those people with high anxiety & easily get disturbed by small matters, this time, check yourself up. Small things that disturbed your mind & emotion when it is build up can be hazardous. And for nursing moms, it affects the milk supply. Remember this.

All in all, all these are basic guidance that is essential for nursing mothers.

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