Friday, March 25, 2011

The freaky story on educating people about cloth diapering

 Hanz's : This hilarious story happened in the early days of our cloth diapering life. Sometimes in early 2009.

The story went on like this...

1st CD day :-

Once fetched my baby after work, we were wondered why my baby's bottom so bulky and round (bulat) but did'nt checked till we're at home. To our horror, my baby was wearing the BG 3.0 together with the dispos. (have to supply dispos as my CD stash still, oh, so little) Try to imagine yourself wearing layers & layers of undies!

2nd CD day :-
Explained again same like the day before plus demo, and once we reached home, one of the supplied CD of the day was missing. Quickly I rang the owner, informed her & the very next day, I questioned the babysitter where's the CD. She looked at me like I'm talking in other took the other babysitter to ask. There & then, she confessed, she thrown away the CD. OMG! I can still feel the pain in my chest when I heard that. Straight away, I asked her to 'collect' it from the dump outside. She was reluctant & it turn out that it was soiled (no wonder..the smell? Eeewww!!!) & she thought it was like dispos. So, what's the point of providing the wetbag & there goes my rah-rah about telling any soiled CD, just dump it in the wetbag. She just did'nt get it.

3rd CD day :-
This time round, the dispos diaper became the insert in the OS Pocket CD. innovative, huh, too bad it is still leaking...of course-lah, right?

We removed our sons from the mentioned nursery. Now, both of them are happy with the recent childcare & we are also happy especially no more headache about explaining over and over again about CD
and the new nursery shows great support to our cloth diapering needs.

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