Saturday, March 26, 2011

Review on One-Size Pocket Cloth Diaper

Hanz's Note : First time I did review on some brand of cloth diapers middle of year 2009.
Disclaimer : This review is solely based on personal usage to my baby & my unique preferences. My baby's physique is like having a small waist & bum but have chunky thigh. Approximately started Cd-ing him by the age of 5months old at medium setting & still maintain in that setting in all the brands. All being used in daytime only up to maximum of 4 hours. Each one used once for weekly. Not to recommend any online store or any particular brand but just to provide overall view for any assistance it can manage.

All these cloth diapers are one-sized which means it can fit from newborn to toddler (about 3 years old) by readjusting the snaps.

What I like : Trim, snug-fitting & comes with 1 newborn insert & 1 onesize insert. One of the first Cds I've tried & successfully manage to influence me to CD-ing till now. Easy to wash even the nastiest poop. Fast drying.Performance wise still good despite frequent usage. I just need to use the OS microfibre insert & never experience leaking at all with this.

What I dislike : Available in plain colours & by far no funky
prints. 'Looks' worn out after few months usage.

Obtained from : Mia Bambina
Also available at : MyBabyPitStop

What I like : Unique zippered pouch opening on the outside where you can add insert & make insert removal clean & easy. Very trim yet generous sizing. Quick drying & absorption good. Though available in plain clours only, the colours are so striking & suits my taste. I like the looks too because it snaps & camouflage as short pants with colours like black, brown, dark blue & red available as well.

What I dislike : None. I love this brand.

Obtained from : Tiny Tapir
Also available at : MyBabyPitStop

What I like : The most generous CDs I've ever owned. Most one sized would have 3 rows of snaps but not this one. It has extra row of snaps for increase adjustability. So it can fit from newborn, infant, crawler to toddler. Performance wise overall is good. Like Baby Kanga, nice range of plain colours to choose from though I wish that they would come out with prints design soon.

What I dislike : A bit bulky to smaller baby.

Obtained from : Baby Tots & Mom
Also available at : Tiny Tapir

What I like : The minkee feeling of course! All-in-all the performance is good. Amaze that after hands me down, the snaps & leg casing elastic still work out well. And, the uniqueness of home of double gusset design as it well known off, manage to provide double protection

What I dislike : If you did'nt wash this diaper thoroughly especially after the 'big' job, chances there might some 'yucky' remainings linger at the double gusset so you need to turn it inside out & do double checking manually rinsed before dump it in the washing machine.

Obtained from : Preloved from Diaper Swap Meet
Also available at : Tiny Tapir & Lil Danzell

What I like : Another soft feeling diaper. Easy to manage & maintain. Snug fitting too. Lots of yummy looking prints to choose from!

What I dislike : Missing row of snaps in the middle unlikely almost onesize Cds

Obtained from : Preloved from Diaper Swap Meet

Also available at : EZ Motherhood, Lil Danzell & MyBabyPitStop

What I like : Another diaper with generous sizing. And, it is very soft. Comes with one small & one large very soft microfibre insert. Well-acclaimed due to many prestigous award it has won. Available in colours & nice looking prints too. The prints what made me want to grab it in the first place apart from the sizing.

What I dislike : Probably a bit bulky to smaller baby due to its generous sizing.

Obtained from : Lil Danzell

Also available at : MyBabyPitStop & EZ Motherhood

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