Saturday, March 26, 2011

New fluffy | AIO & AI2

Hanz's : The days when I've tried another type of cloth diapers middle of 2009. 

......and hopefully a total solution for night-time diapering.

I always wanted to get more AIOs & lately fall in love with AI2 & from my reads, AIO fit for nighttime diapering. AIO is the most expensive of all the CD types yet it is the most convenient. I do love Pockets but sometimes I can get tired putting in the insert.

The first time I've cloth diapering for night was based on Sharine's blog recommending Drybees Fleece Pocket pair it up with Microfibre insert on top of Hemp insert. Sometimes it leaks, sometimes not. I can only predict the cause could be the wrong sizing...anyway, I've sold off the Drybees coz too bulky to my liking & takes too long to dry & the hemp insert quite stinky...

So, back to square one, using sposies at night, and since most CD-mommas yg otai swear by fitted, i've tried preloved Snugglehugs Sherpa fitted although actually I don't really fancy the hassle to my own preferences on having to put on fitted then cover...i still give it a go. I've tried twice & the two times, baby Hambali was cranky the whole night. So, again, I forego the Cds.

Then, met Li of Tiny Tapir, she recommended the new Grobaby, errr...pricey-lah but it works wonder!!! Baby Hambali slept soundly the whole night which last 12 hours! That was the 1st time we were awe!

Okay, then as fulfilling my target to full time cloth diapering baby Hambali, did some there was I grabbing Itti Bitti Snap In One (know that Farrahar & Bonnie loves its trimness), Millie suggested BBH Minkee Magic AIO & I was fancying Cushie Tushie AIO all this time & as Millie said it is good for nighttime too, I've made up my mind on that. All obtained from EZ Motherhood except the Grobaby from Tiny Tapir.

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