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Review on AIO & AI2 Cloth Diaper

Hanz's : The second review on few brands of cloth diapers sometime in middle of 2009.

Disclaimer : This review is solely based on personal usage to my baby and according to my unique preferences. My baby has a small waist & bum but has chunky tight. Started using AIO & AI2 about 9 months of age at medium setting & still maintain in the same setting in all the brands. All being used at night time (except Chunkibunz) as my experimenting with night time diapering. My baby is a medium wetter so if it works well for me most of these brands for night-time diapering it might not work the same for heavy wetter baby. (Read: Most CD Momma expert swear by fitted type with cover to work well for night time diapering) Each CDs used once for weekly basis. Not to recommend any online stores or any particular brand but just to provide overall view for any assistance it can manage.

Briefly here is is a notes to understand what is AIO & AI2.
An AIO or All-In-One is exactly what it sounds like. It is a type of diaper that functions completely on its own without the need for extra accessories. It does not require separate soaker material to absorb or a separate diaper cover to contain leaks. All of the features are neatly packaged into one diaper.
Many parents find this type of diaper to be the height of convenience since all they need is in one place and traveling requires less space.
An AI2 is just like an AIO only then you need to take multiple soakers instead of few entire diapers. You just change the inner soaker as needed and the outer shell just need to be changed twice a day. Advisably, between nappy change air the outer shell before the next use so get the fresh outer shell & when the next nappy change you can get the previous outer shell with fresh soaker. In other words you just rotate the outer shell & use fresh soaker all the time.

What I like : The first thing that I notice about this diaper is the print! It is "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" print synonym with Eric Carle's book. Then I noticed it is an AIO plus One Size. I always want to get an AIO but hesitated a bit as most AIO comes in sized. So this one sort of like 2 in 1 answer to prayer. Very soft indeed & yummy looking.

What I dislike : Very bulky. What to do as it is an OS AIO.

Obtained from : Tiny Tapir

Also available : None. Even as for now no longer available at Tiny Tapir.

What I like : The ever first AI2 system that works wonderfully for night time diapering. I TOTALLY love it! Used it first time for 12 hours straight at night, experienced no leaking & no wetness to my baby's skin. Just a damp feel when touch the snap-in soaker. An it is One Size some more! Outer shell is fast drying and to make the system really work out, you just need multiple soaker. Good for travelling as it requires less space to bring in few soakers. First time being persuaded, a bit reluctant, due to it's 'high' price but come to think of it you just need 2 outer shell & just get 3 soaker for each shell, rotating the shell for 24 hours usage, it is much more lower in cost compared to use each Cds for every diaper change. Cost saving & space saving!

What I dislike : None. An answer to my night time diapering for the first time.

Also available : None. Tiny Tapir is the first store bringing in this highly reviewed & recommended CD here.

What I like : An AIO. Comes with one large booster made from two layers of bamboo cotton & topped with microfleece & attached to the top front of the shell with snaps. Also comes with one separate mini booster made from the same material of the large booster. Available in many ravishing prints! By far, it did'nt failed me to use for night-time for 12 hours.

What I dislike : It claimed One Size AIO but there is no row of snaps either at the front or back to readjust the sizing as most OS CD does. It instructed to downsizing say to fit newborn, simply fold down the front to shorten the rise. I think it is such a hassle & looks bulky to me. Luckily baby Hambali is in medium setting so no need to fold down but it still looks bulky to him.

Obtained from : EZ Motherhood

Also available : Baby Sasha N Mom

What I like : Another Minkee feeling & luxurios yummy looking colours to choose from. An AIO with a twist as it has pocket opening sewn in to the back of the nappy. You can use this as an AIO nappy & also have the ability to customise the absorbency to suit baby's own needs at times when extra absorbency might be needed! If baby is a heavy wetter or the nappy will need to be worn for an extended period, such as during nap-time, simply insert a bamboo 'Boost-It' (included in the price) and the absorbency of the nappy is immediately doubled! By far, it did'nt failed my night-time diapering journey with baby Hambali.

What I dislike : Wishing that it comes in One Size (ha, ha, dream on...) Anyway, there's nothing I don't like about this nappy.

What I like : Trim & snug. Minkee feeling defintely & available in gorgeous colours. An AI2 system which is cost saving. Fast drying. Works well for my baby for night time approximately 12 hours.

What I dislike : Too small for my baby. For medium setting, ny baby can't wear that sizing long enough. Need to upsize very soon.

Obtained from : EZ Motherhood

Also available at : Lil Danzell

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