Monday, March 28, 2011

On food, cravings, health, temperament between three pregnancies

Hanz's Note : Posted this in former blog on January 7, 2011.

I am in 15-16 weeks now, second stage of my pregnancies.

Recalling and comparing each pregnancies with the current ones is totally sweet, here I summarised it by daily habits & such.

Hanafi - I had no issues. I ate same thing when I was'nt pregnant. Only then, the intake was double and hungrier faster. I munched a lot too.

Hambali - A bit choosy. I despise sweet food especially sweet taste sambal. It was a really turn-off to eat sambal that is sweet. I craved few foods and had it often. My intake in spicy food was peculiar and I really could stand extra-hot ones which received shaking head from my mom, my MIL & SILS. And, my mom even cooked huge portion of special dried extra-hot sambal ikan bilis which I took every meal for quite some time. I don't double my serving portion though I found I snacked in between meals.

Lil H - I am ok with most food but I found I must take different food everyday. No repetance please or I rather not eat. I don't eat that much and funny I don't go hungry faster. Except morning, I fell so hungry & by late evening, I wanted to have my dinner as soon as I can.

Hanafi - Hubby was happy as I did'nt craved for hard-to-get food or anything irregular. Life was simpler with my so simple pregnancies back then.

Hambali - During fasting month, I had to have laksa like almost daily. I also love oranges!! No wonder Hambali love sourish food so much. Other than that, later stages, I just love to eat cheese cake with Apple Juice. Yumm!

Lil H - IKEA food. Gosh, why? It was'nt that delicious but I seems to develop the liking & before this I am not IKEA food fan. So funny. And, the opening of Spanish restaurant nearby this office of mine, I found I frequent there. Oh, I despise coffee that one is so obvious. Now plain tea for me will do. I don't snack in between that much and my serving on food is as usual. I don't fancy sweet food that much but I love spicy stuff. Not unusual way with Hambali last time.

Hanafi - So baik of me to take Salindah religously along with Folic Acid then switched to Obimin also milk for pregnant mum by the name of Anmum

Hambali - The Salindah was there alright with Obimin but milk? Errr...not so frequent and I just took fresh milk or soya milk.

Lil H - No more Salindah this time. I am so malas. Folic Acid now and Jus Tok Guru. I prefer fresh milk nowadays alternate with family powder milk (Skimmed milk).

Hanafi - Totally energetic. No morning sickness or whatsoever except back pain & heaviness at later stage. I could still walk fast and long distance during later stages.

Hambali - Very weak. I quit working with handsome career due to constant headaches and nauseas. The only duit cari makan I did was giving tuition every Saturday and tutored two of my nieces.

Lil H - No morning sickness but by the time it's getting dawn till I'am about to sleep, I am totally flat. I am glad though at least I can cope with workload daytime up till now. Praying it is going to be like this till I deliver. I can walk a lot too now.

Hanafi - Hubby said I was smelly and perspired a lot last time. And I had mood swings. Well, you can't have a perfect 10 pregnancy isn't it?

Hambali - Just nice temperament, maybe because I was coping with my sickness instead.

Lil H - At times, I burst into tears without any acceptable reason till this moment. Ekekekeke...but at least I have high spirit and never say never attitude. I am so like a warrior and feeling like a warrior. Chewahh! And I've noticed, at times I have this 'whatever' and 'I don't care', 'taking my risks' opinionated demeanour.

All in all, they said how mom carries herself during pregnancy thus influence the child's characteristics. Also, some said how mom behaves & well-being actually hinted how's the unborned child will be likewise, physical attributes, characteristics and such soon? Do you believe on this?

As for me, I could see in my two earlier pregnancy experiences, somehow some of those attributes did have some impact on my two boys. In psychology, the term is known as nature attributes. By surrounding, upbringing another factor on one's molding one's characters and well-beings.

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