Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Breastfeeding Journey | Part 2

The Premier Journey with Hanafi, my first son

At MyMomsBest, I've learnt so much..such as on how importance it is to increase pumping session & direct nursing more in order to increase production, what food that helps promote the production,how to storage ebm, mother's emotional state & well being plays an important role for successful breastfeeding, the support that mother must have, how to breastfeed in public, the necessities to invest in well-recommended pump, (oh yes, I did buy a good one & it last till my 2nd baby now & am still using it) (as in pic) & so forth...too many to put in here.

But one main thing that I've appreciate it so much of the recommendation in seeking an advise from respective Lactation Consultant & one tip I've read that taking a prescription to help increase the milk production.

So off I went to seek Dr Koe's advise. She is a Paeditrician cum Lactation Consultant. She prescribed me Motillum & did advised about probably the side effect so she asked me to take small quantity only. Oh yes, after consuming Motillum, few days later my milk flows like a river & I got engorged! I was glad of the engorgement because it meant that the production was overwhelming. Straight away vigorously pumping & feed, day night till I've had more than sufficient stock for my baby. Finally, I managed to stop supplementing my baby & successfully upgrade myself to fully breastfeed till my baby was almost 3 years old.

I was inspired with other nursing moms in MyMomsBest. How two moms can travel a lot & still fully breastfeed. How another moms did tandem nursing & there was so many inspiring moms there. I saluted these moms. They played an important role in my premier breastfeeding journey.

From that point onwards, I myself want to return something to the society especially to other new mothers like me. I hang around often there & was confidence enough to contribute advises, tips & views. I was an active forumer & Lilian offered me to become Forum Moderator. I accepted the offer with so much enthusiasm. So what I've gained all that while I gave back to others. Apart from that I've attended Lactation Course along with the other active moo-mies in MyMomsBest with courtesy of Jasmine from Mums&Babes who arranged this course with other support groups. The two days course was extremely helpful as the learning about breastfeeding would never stops. Yay, I officially became Peer Counsellor for Nursing Mom's Support Group.

I kept on going with this journey plus my own research with this great support group. Thank you so much for knowing all of you there.

One bonus point that I've gained was having the experience on modelling (ahaks!) just in magazine ad only for nursing attire. That was like in year 2005. That ad was feature in Pa & Ma, Mother & Baby and other parenting mag. Thanks to Angeline of Blessedmums.

Though now I'm no longer active in MyMomsBest (and most old members like me too), I've enjoyed my stay there & recommend new mother to give a visit at MyMomsBest.

P/S - This was an old post appeared in former blog sometimes around 2008.

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