Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm wearing my baby

Hanz's : The day I've shared on the thrill and coziness of babywearing in my former blog early 2009.

Never had the urge & thrill with Son No.1 though I did purchased a piece of Ring Sling (MomsInMind) from The Baby Loft waaaayyy back in 2004. Hanafi never like being wear or something wrong with the technique. I admitted I did struggled with the RS even till date.

Now, with Son No. 2, wiser me, I suppose, getting the 'hang of it' & love it. Besides, blamed it to the fact that I hang too much in the Babywearing Forum & making friends with them, could not resist the temptation.

That is Soft Structured Carrier by Littlepods. Groovy, huh? Getting this is like hitting a jackpot because dear hubby also are into it. With the former RS, duh, he never bothered!

Pssstt...I'm thinking of adding pouch, Scootababy & many RS nowadays looks so yummy...but ah, well I think I still need to learn with RS. How about Mei Tai, hemmm...he, he, err...back to priorities...I think I still need more carriers should be later, but Scootababy...err...
ah, what the heck..

P/S - Please pardon my absent-minded & ramblings nonsense. Blame it to the fact that I'm getting cozy with my new Chatterbox. By the way, what do you think?

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