Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Chaostic Incident Ended Up With Newly Found Friend

Hanz's Note : This story was posted at former blog in June 2009. The beauty of babywearing, somehow you make friendship without intention.

I have a knack of whatever to do with 'Lion' for baby Hambali's stuff.

Look at me wearing baby Hambali in that Ring Sling. The first thing I noticed when I curiously browsed the owner's (seller's) blog selling Ring Sling, was it's print. Yup! You are right! It's a 'Lion' print. It's all padded, shorter tail & at a very reasonable price. I did'nt manage to put up my order immediately since that particular print was out of stock. But, I did informed the owner, lovely Ms Fenny of my desire acquiring it. I think about one month after that, Ms Fenny surprised me with the good news. They had the last batch of the Lion print out for grab & they would no longer producing the Lion print. Lucky me that I've informed her earlier!!

After order placed & shipping done, I've waited eagerly for my parcel. 3 days...4 days...hemmm...funny, by personal record the longest day I have to wait the arrival of my local online purchase is 3 days. We called each other & checked the status & supposedly I shall receiving it already as the status in Poslaju Tracking claimed it has been shipped. Over the weekend, I've got to know from Ms Fenny that "SOMEBODY' had accepted the parcel a day after it was delivered. Meaning that 'SOMEBODY" has been holding my thing for more than a week!! We were unable to obtain the 'SOMEBODY's name immediately so off Ms Fenny & yours truly has made an arrangement to meet at the Subang Jaya Post Office, the post office that Ms Fenny had sent the parcel.

There, we lodge a complaint officially by filling up the standard form & we've being informed worse come to worst, if they were unable to claim whereabout of my parcel, they will pay a compassionate (gantirugi) amount by the same value of the Ring Sling. But, to claim for the reimbursement, Ms Fenny has to wait for about a month! Pity her!

Ms Fenny is a very nice mother of 3. Out of her concerned for having this kind of mishap (fortunate one, though) & according to her, she wanted to do something, she brought another Ring Sling of the similar print to give it to me. She insisted if in case I'm unable to get my parcel, that one is automatically belongs to me. Graciously I've accepted her offer with an anticipation of wearing baby Hambali the minute I've fetched him from his Nursery on that particular day.

Just a bit about Miss Fenny...actually she is among my Facebook friends & I've been admiring her writings for the past years. If you used to read Mother & Baby magazine around year 2004 to 2006, & if I'm not mistaken, Ms Fenny had a column about Milestone on Toddler & later she & Rachel Goodchild (another writer based in Australia) did some vis-a-vis via emails about their pregnancy progressed & their interactions featured in the aforementioned magazine. All in all, she was a regular writer for Mother & Baby magazine. I did asked on that day I met her, why she stop writing & now venturing into Ring Sling business? She said, all her babies has grown up & she left with no baby story to write about. LOL. Oh, how time flies coz the cute toddler that I saw last time, every single month in the mag now has grown to a very pretty young lady. Wink!

Back to the original story. Exactly after two days we lodged the complaint, my original parcel arrived safe & sound! What actually happened was due to a mistaken address by the sender & just happened the sender is an old man (kesian dia). Glad that he was able to rectify his mistake but one thing I could not tolerate is the attitude of the "SOMEBODY". We found the "SOMEBODY" is a man from another company or shop in the same row with my office. How could he do such a thing? All my details was there & if he's too 'lazy' to walk to my place to send the wrongly sent parcel, he can just called me so I could pick it up myself, isn't it? I just don't understand why some people has the 'heart' to do this kind of thing.

Anyway, as I've ended up with 2 same slings, instead of returning the one that Ms Fenny 'gave' it to me, I've decided to keep it as well.

Well, I'm feeling genorous & feels like giving one of the Ring Sling to my Chit-Chatters. Besides, I want to keep on promoting the benefits of wearing your baby & unless you try it, you will never discover the beauty of it!

Anyone fancy having this as a gift?
He, he...condition applies...wait for my next chat... :P

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