Friday, March 25, 2011

Cloth Diapering Adventure begun

Hanz's Note : Posted this story on January 2009 at former blog. Begun cloth diapering exactly when Hambali was 4 months plus, sometime November 2008.

I'm due to write about this topic now finally had the chance after forever procrastinating....

It was really out of curiosity that set me to start on cloth diapering. When I had my firstborn I did encountered cloth diaper but year 2004-2005, the choices were less varied. Nevertheless, it was not really an 'in' stuff that parents were engrossed and being such a hardcore mom on breastfeeding with ongoing research and counselling plus the endurance to keep my head ensuring the breastfeeding journey fruitful, cloth diapering was not my thing at that time. Besides, looking at the price put me off.

I guess this time round, my 2nd born can be considered lucky on having the many luxuries available cater for parent in parenting. I may say not only cloth diapering in fact in breastfeeding, don't put up too much excuses as so many gadgets to aid you within reach. So talking back about cloth diapering, it was quite blurry to recall it in exact manner but as far as I can remember, it started on one fine day in October 2008, while I was mulling over parenting forum that I used to visit, I've checked out the advertiser pages and peeped into few stores. The first online cloth diaper that I stumbled upon was MyBabyPitStop.

Just as how we did when window-shopping, it was the same thing when surfing the mentioned store. There I was lost with many types of cloth diapering, how to care, mind-boggling with the new words & such. But the cost of each cloth diaper caused me to shake my head full of wonders. Oh my, who wanted to purchase all this pricey stuff? That thought crossed my mind. Not till later did I know it is wise to purchase and probably it is not exaggerating if you want to call it smart investment. I left the online store only after I saved the facts & infos which I make a mental note to read it later. The very same day at night, I went through the saved infos. There & then, I told dear hubby, I will give this ‘thing’ a try only after I’ve done enough homework. Along with that, the overwhelmed infos flooded link-by-link, connected from one to another, from forums to blogs and not forgetting many online stores.

Finally, the decision was made for me to do the initial purchasing. It was unlikely an impulse buying instead such a careful planning with comparisons and research. Presenting my initial purchasing of cloth diapering….

Started off with Pocket Diaper like Bum Genius 3.0 (OS), Drybees Pocket & Drybees Fleece (both Medium size), Tiny Tush Onesize (OS) Elite & try the Kissaluv Fitted Size 1 since I got the Anakku Diaper Cover (God knows why I bought two pieces in the 1st place but now only using it). Some insert is essential for Pocket CD and I had Onesize Wahmies Microfibre, GAD Hemp Onesize, Cotton & Bum Genius comes with its own insert and doubler, and additional small Microfibre in case it can be use for booster. Not forgetting the wetbag and mine is Wahmies Medium size necessary for Daycare to bring back the soiled ones. Thanks to MiaBambina & BabyTots&Mom.

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