Friday, March 25, 2011

Baby Hambali and his Mama in My Child magazine for Baby Signing

"Our family loves the Baby Sign Program! It's not just a way to communicate with our 10-month-old baby but it's a game for our 5-year-old boy too. Additionally, my older boy is also learneing the ABC signing, which I know by heart. We started off with words like Papa, Mama, milk, sleep, more, where, lion, come, eat, bye-bye, play, love (sayang) and cannot.Hambali signed 'milk' at 7 months and 'bye-bye' at 9 months! I think he signed 'eat' to his Grandma the other day and though Grandma was unsure of the signing, he did stop making a fuss once he was fed. For the rest of the words, he understands what they are. He's also already saying 'Papa' and 'Mama' clearly, and he's defintely not just mumbling because he does know who he is calling. We're adding more words to his signing vocabulary like book, car, moon, fan, bird, cat, butterfly and water."

Hanz's Note : Those are what was written in the former mag edition June/July 2009, specifically when baby Hambali was 10 months old. Update on Baby Sign: Hambali can sign more, lion, cat, fan, rabbit, salam(shake hand), sayang(love-he will lean forward & planted a kiss if you say sayang) along with nen-nen(milk), eat & bye-bye and understand the sign for come, sleep, cannot, book, ball & car. More sign we added is happy, angry, bath, drink & dirty.

2011 Updates : Hambali less signing ever since he talks well. But, out of habit, some words he would sign and say at the same time. No harm done for that so we just let him be.

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