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Tuning in to intuition while in labour | Nurul Syafwah's Birth Story

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My EDD was 28th May. But until 27th May, no show or whatsoever, just prodromal labour since 25th May. Went for checkup at FPP Hosp Selayang under Dr Roslan. baby engaged, Everything looked fine. He gave me a date for induction at 4th June. I said "tapi kalau sy xdtg pun xpe tnggu kat rumah je." Dr pun ckp "sy kena sedarla ada la risikonya nnt".

Finally, show came on the 31st May, with mild surges at 1.30 a.m. Oh boy, I was so happy. Layan surges kat rumah sampai the interval become 5:1:1. Made a move to the hospital at 3.30 p.m. Paling kelakar, suami boleh salah jalan, dia menghala ke Hosp Sg Buloh. Based on my previous experience, I knew I will have the baby by Maghrib. My labour has always been long, more than 12 hours.
>Arrived at the hospital @4.15. Upon registering, my body felt like shutting down due to the 'culture shock' looking at the very medicalised environment at the hall. Sebelum ni, dua anak di hospt swasta, ni first time g hosp gvment. While waiting for my turn to be assessed, I felt my surges lost their intensity and their timing became far apart. If you read Ina May Gaskin's book, you know this is possible when our body felt threaten. Not a good sign.

While lying down for the annoying CTG, I prayed hard that Dr Roslan came so that I would be saved from the misery & avoid ve that will be done by a big-build male MO if Dr Roslan still hasn't come. Alhamdulillah, around 5 ish, Dr Roslan came. CTG stopped, He did v.e. Frustratingly, he said only 1 cm. But I know this was the result from my misery. My cervix would dilate more once I get out from this hall. I told him, since I am only 1 cm dilated, I can go home. Nurse pun ckp wad & labour room full, mana I nak bersalin? "Abis awak nak bersalin kat rumah?" Xboleh ke? Dah bersalin nnt sy dtg sini balik cepat2.(sbb ade nurse tu ckp kat I, kalau dah full, xde beza dah FPP or org awam). 
Alhamdulillah, at 6.00 p.m., Dr Roslan himself looked for and booked a room for us. He didn't let me go because he said this is my third one, so things might progress quickly. Knowing this, my surges became stronger, 2 surges while I was praying Asar. I know the time is near now.

Only managed to checked into our room at almost 7. I could feel thebaby's head is pushing her way, making it was impossible for me to lie down. Went to the toilet. The most waited thing appeared: mucous plug.

Got out from the toilet. A huge surge came and pop! My water bag burst! Call a nurse. She came with a rather young MO. Ada pulak masa diorg ni nak buat experimen utk tentukan tu air ketuban ke x, guna kertas litmus. Paling best, he checked me using speculum & comment nothing on my dilation. After the procedure, I had a strong surge, so I stood up by the bed and screamed, baby dah nak kuar ni! "Puan, naik atas katil, baring kita g labour room. "Xsempat dah! baby nak kuar!" Kalau bersalin mcm ni sapa nak sambut?Nnt baby jatuh. "Awak lah sambut dr bawah." (smbil berkata dlm hati: tu pun xleh nak fikir ke? haha). Luckily my husband came and assisted me onto the bed.

I hold onto the front railing and the baby was pushing her way through. Bye bye visualization, deep breathing etc, I could not hold the mega urge and pushed her. My hubby was the one who realized that the head was out and screamed: Eh, tu kepala baby dah kuar! Kelam kabut MO tu g belakang I utk smbut baby.

The baby was out, so was the whole ward staff. They were at the door, looking with amazement. "eh, boleh ke bersalin mcm tu?" A nurse asked and another answered "bolehlah, senang lg sbb ikut hukum graviti alam."

"Maaf ye sy bersalin mcm ni. Xleh tahanlah" And that wonderful nurse said "xpe puan. Bersalin je ikut selasa puan"

Dr Roslan came afterwards. He was performing his prayer that's why he could not attend the birth. But he did the stitching (1st degree tear). Sempat lg dia gurau n ckp "Ha..lps ni nak homebirth ke? Dah boleh bersalin mcm ni?". Sabar je la..Skin-to-skin was delayed, but less than 1 hour. Baby was given after I was clean and roomed in till checked out.
>All in all, I got an experience I wanted: a birth that I was in control & almost drug free (injected to help placenta out). We were quite famous as most of the staff were talking about us, sampai guard tu pun ckp: " yg baru masuk terus bersalin tu."

What I learnt from my experience:

-Trust God's plan. Baby will come out when he/she is ready.

-Be spiritually, mentally, physically & emotionally prepared.

-VE is not always a reliable indicator of how we will progress during labour.

-Trust in our body's ability to give birth. Our body is amazing.

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