Sunday, June 29, 2014

Natural childbirth to the life of natural birth advocate obstetrician | Joyous Childbirth changes the world

Look no further! Natural childbirth though sounds common but not many truly understand the concept of natural childbirth. 
Many tend to project misconception what natural childbirth is actually is.

If an obstetrician share his lifetime how his involvement in natural birth, that might means something rewarding. Let Dr Tadashi Yoshimura, a Japanese obstetrician and natural birth advocate describes these and his clinic serves as living proof of the kind of compassionate birth culture that is possible when we prioritize the health and experience of women and babies.

In his book, he describes babies born without crying, directly into the arms of their mothers, and women o transformed by giving birth that they are joyous and forever changed. Instead of a medical disaster in need of intervention, Dr Yoshimura describes a transcendent natural process made possible by the innate power of women and revealing what he calls a 'mystic beauty'

Below are some snapshots on certain topics that reveals 
what natural childbirth is all about.

On viewing birth as natural event not medical event

On obstetrician to stand by 'obstare' and not to interfere

On true Natural Chidbirth transform womanhood

On assisting labouring mother eliminate fear and not to put them under duress

On maternal instinct, labouring mother's love hormones and intuition

P/S - Apologies on the poor quality of pictures. Hinted, i need new camera.

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