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Going all active and natural birth for second time | Baby Arash Alphy's homebirth story

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Arash Alphy was homebirthed at 41weeks, weighing 3.99kgs

39 Weeks (Friday, 21/03/14)
I had been experiencing surges and braxton hicks the whole week. Very very mild and always happen during nights and gone by subuh prayer. FALSE ALARM! It was frustrating but I kept on telling myself that my baby will decide his birth date and will come out once he is ready.
Noted that from this point, I made so many attempts of inducing my labour by natural means, you name it: squatting, taking pineapples, raspberry tea, daily intake of coconut water, cleaning toilet, making love, belly dancing and pelvic rocking on a gym ball.

During my pregnancy check ups, I was diagnosed by my obgyn with PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension) with borderline reading (>120/80 but <140/90). Alhamdulillah it stayed below borderline, which my obgyn allow me to wait until 41 weeks. It came to my mind that, IF my labour didnt start before that, I am gonna have to submit myself to the hospital.

40 Weeks (Friday, 28/03/14)
Came the EDD and still no signs of labour to begin. And I kept on doing the natural inducers religiously.
And there was one time that my mother joked on the birth date, and guessing number cantek is 4/4/14 since my first-born birth date was 12/12/12. (Induced at 39weeks - normal delivery and been given pethidine as pain-reliever, which I didn’t know why I was given that, it made me dizzy)

41 weeks (Friday, 4/4/14)
That very night, there were very little surges coming. I decided to go to sleep.
Woke up at 5am and went to weewee, there was blood show. After subuh prayer and recital of Surah Maryam, I was happily went back to sleep and pray very hard that the surges didn’t go away. Taddaaaaaa, i woke up at 10am, mild surges were still there. Hang on, mommy, the baby is on his way out, I can feel it. I need oxytocin, oxytocin, oxytocin!!! And my husband was very happy too, he waited for this time like forever. He was the one who was so excited about homebirth and can wait to be a doula dad. Bawak bersabo, daddy!!!
12.30pm - texted my CBE, Sis Hanz Jamaludin about the news.
1.15pm – my husband leave me for Jumaat prayers and to get some stuffs ready for homebirth… punya la relax macam-macam benda takda lagi…
I remember that evening, all I did was eating kurma/fruits, drinking plenty of water, watching TV, nursing my first-born and bringing him to sleep, and nursing him again. Dan yang paling PENTING sekali ialah HIPS SWAYING, BELLY DANCING, dan SENYUM (not to clench the jaw) untuk layan surges yang datang. And my bibik described me as doing goyang inul!!!
6.20pm – I let bibik handle and play with my first-born and I isolated myself in my room and texted my husband telling him that the surges was quite intense by now (but still boleh whatspp-ing).
6.45pm – my husband arrived home and a couple if minutes later my best friend came. My husband and I invited someone that we trust to ease me with my labour.
At this point, I was in kneeling position by the bed, layan surges, still swaying my hips and vocalizing.
The surges were pretty intense by 7.20pm – came the maghrib prayer and I remembered asking my husband to go solat and make du’a for me. My best friend held my hand and gave the best supports that she can. This helped me a lot. And also, I held my birth affirmation and use it as a medium of distraction. I read it repeatedly (in my mind) that I am a strong woman and Arash is a strong baby.
I vocalized when the surges came and talked to my baby during resting period.  It amazed me that I was so calm and still can talk.
Finally, I can feel the baby’s head as it crowned. I can even feel the baby twisted himself in order to get the shoulder out. I was aware of what was happening to my body. I was INVOLUNTARILY pushing my baby out. Bukan push yang dibuat-buat. All I did was, nothing really. I seriously just let my body did the pushing.Yes, my body did the work. It was magical.
8.10pm – baby Arash was out and greeted by his Daddy, Allahuakbar. I heard coughs and sneezes followed by a little cry. Alhamdulillah, he was just fine. Skin to skin, breast crawling, nipple sucking right on time. 10minutes later, placenta was out with help from Sis Hanz through the phone.
Delay cord clamping (DCC) by four hours and went to the hospital around 1am that night. I had 1st degree tear and no stitches needed. Discharged the next day.
On a serious note, do believe that you are in control of your mind and body. Do not let fear/stress/panic attacks you. The pain is bearable with help of oxytocin, so FIND it. All of u mamas, you can do it. KEEP CALM AND GIVE BIRTH.

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