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Informed choice assisted birth | The birth of Ammar Qaiser

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The day before.
Had a very2 active day.
Brought Adam Qayyim for jab in DEMC. 3 hours with appointment. Such a disappointment!

Then head to Jalan Kebun to continue kemas moving into new house. 
I mopped and mopped and mopped all I can.
Sambil hip sway exercise I thought :)
Then at night attended family meeting for a while.

Then I heard a pop.
Literally a pop. I thought it's my bones from the mopping. 
Then came a gush of water.
I knew my water broke but somehow I told myself it's my failing bladder control. Haha.

So I went home. (Rumah pakcik within walking distance). Call my husband to follow home but just don't tell anyone yet. (I need to be calm. People bertanya2 won't calm me.)
Liquor gushing and gushing. Then I straight away sit on the toilet to see the water. A bit turbid. Whitish with brown spots. Ok confirm water broke.

My husband arrived home. Asked him to get me pad and lapik my seat with rubber mat. Then called my sister in law to come home and stay with my firstborn. Called my brother to balik as well.
No surge no baby. I know. But putrajaya is not that close. So we hit the road first. Undecided yet whether 
to head straight to the hospital or check in to hotels nearby hospital.
Arrived at the hospital, still no surges felt. But my baby is now exposed as my water broke. And it has been 2 hours after the pop. It can't be much longer dah pun I thought. And so we head to the counter. But I told my husband I wanted to walk from the parking. No need to drop me off first.

23/2/2014 Birth Day!
And so we walked up to the Dewan Bersalin of Hospital Putrajaya.
CTG was done and good.
VE was done and it was 2cm.

MO's called up my specialist to confirm what's the plan for me since only 2cm dilated but water broke already but no contraction.
Specialist said stay in the ward first then repeat CTG at 5am and get into Delivery Suite at 6am.

It was 12am. I was glad to be warded as that way my husband can be with me.
Still no contraction (or so I thought)
No surges no baby.
I kept having this pain in my butt. (Last baby I felt the contraction at the area between my waist and my butt)
I asked the nurse can I feel contraction in my butt? I even googled it. Buttraction they say. Haha.
True enough as I felt the buttractions, the nurse put her hand on my belly on confirmed that I am indeed having contractions and in sync with the pain in my butt. (I am not in anyway implying that this baby is a pain in my butt)

So I timed my buttractions as my husband gave me back rubs (really really helps). Did hip sways (really really helps). I was having surges 5 minutes apart and each was for about 1 minute.
It was 1am. I don't think baby will wait until 5am. The nurse suggested another VE at 3am. I suggested maybe we should do it at 2am
And so she went and get a doctor for VE at 2am. And a male doctor came. And the nurse ask me is it ok. I requested for the nurse to do it. But they were all so nice about it and went and call a female doctor for me. 
VE was done. 5cm. Labour Room here we come.
Enema was given and so to the toilet I went. Did a round of hip sways while in the toilet.

By 3 am we were in the delivery suite but my specialist was still not there yet. The first thing I asked for is the entonox gas. With my first baby, I used this the whole time. Alhamdulillah with this one I didn't need it the whole time.
I was then put on saline drips and the doctor double-confirmed with me that I don't want epidural.

I was put on the bed and the ctg monitor strapped on. But to my surprise, I was not put lying flat. The bed was adjustable, new bed they said. So I asked them to adjust the bed as upright as they would allow me which again, to my surprise, was upright enough.
By 3.30 I felt a strong urge to push but I was only 8cm dilated so they don't encourage me to push but asked me to lay on my left side. And they reminded me of my previous third degree tear and we do not want that again this time. I didn't turn to my side. I stayed in the position that I'm in for about 2 more surges.
I felt really bad for not following the cue to push. And I told my husband 
'I kesian baby' 
Then I thot, I can still have a conversation. That can't be the cue to push then.

Few minutes later, a specialist came but not mine. He came in and announced;
'Dr Hamidah cuti, so saya cover' 
All the staff looked as surprised as I am.

I looked at my husband and he gave me the reassuring look that it's ok and reminded me to not lift my butt. (sempat) I was anxious of course because we managed to avoid male doctors and I even asked one of the doctors is there gonna be any male staff around cause it's getting hot I need to take off my tudung. She said no. Apparently the specialists didn't inform anyone and my specialist was actually working the night I came in. But stopped taking cases after 9pm. Well, she has a family too.
At around 4 the urge to push got stronger. Then I thot this must be it. And the specialist told me I am fully dilated and he said he needed to do episiotomy to avoid tearing. I expected that as all doctors that saw me during antenatal checkup already informed me of it. So I gave my consent. Then he asked me to start pushing and all of them cheered me on and asked me to steal a breath and keep pushing while the specialist was doing perineal support. I realized they are trying to get the baby out in 1 surge. Because I felt the head is out and they asked me to keep on pushing then the shoulders out and the whole baby out. 
Alhamdulillah is all I can say.
They immediately put the baby on my belly and adjusting my shirt to get skin to skin. Adjusting position to initiate nursing. And the baby stayed on me throughout the stitching. After everything was done then only the clean the baby up. :)

Alhamdulillah, I learn more and is more prepared for this labour as compared to my last one.
And very glad my husband could be with me the whole way through.
I didn't regret the episiotomy (though the stitches hurt and take 10 days to heal)

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