Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ode to my babywearing passion


My first time stumbled upon Babywearing
I thought it's a baby wearing bizarre clothing
My thoughts were pure ignorance error
Self-research followed later define and clearer

Precisely it means wearing a baby
But not to replace your clothing, silly
It is how you carry your baby
In different way, types and reduce fussy

Let's name those ways on carrying
By wrap, pouch, mei tai and ring sling
Soft-structured carrier for heavier weighing
If your child outgrew one-shoulder carrying

In retrospect my babywearing adventure
Begun a little blur full of blunder
It was the ring sling i bought the first thing
Year 2005, was the only type locally selling

Although looks easily wearing such tempting
Attached with guide video needless searching
Few positions for first child resulted zero-ing
I quickly gave up and the sling suffered dumping

Long forgotten the babywearing jive
Till 2008, my second borned took another dive
This time lost count on what is available
Take your pick, affordable, could be edible

Trying again another ring sling
Though hubby despise, i've still wearing
It helped me lots for tough times in bit
Anywhere, anytime I'm loving it

With much influence of other Babywearer
I invested another type of carrier
It is called soft-structured carrier
Malaysian-made Littlepods one of the setter

When my baby Hambali grows being a toddler
We needed sturdier and safer carrier
Off to new home the Littlepods SSC
Welcoming Baby Hawk Oh Snap SSC

Now another baby is baking in the oven
Two types of wrap already gotten
Vowing myself giving full involvement
Babywearing bugs, I have been smitten

It is not only wrap that I strategically aim
Pouch, mei tai, ring sling, you just name them
No more novice, expertise targetted the least
I even take note and create the brand list

We have proud Malaysian-taste locally
Each of them has sponsored generously
On behalf of GCDC event in limelight currently

If I am the lucky chosen winner
Neeza Needles Mei Tai is what I prefer
As I never had a Mei Tai before
BW Otais said good, newbies can easily score
In case someone do ask my dream carrier
I want 2 shoulder ones, elusive and eye-catchier
Faster to fasten, de-fasten must also easier
Hubby thumbs up and keen be the wearer

There goes my mumble in the name of GCDC-ing
Also support, promote and sharing the Babywearing
Equally with my other passion on Natural Parenting
Breastfeeding, homeschooling and cloth diapering

NOTE : Please click highlighted names and the GCDC poster to be link to the actual sponsors and the Great Cloth Diaper Change Event Malaysia 2011.

This was a submission for the GCDC KL 2011 pre-contest event.


  1. an amazing entry indeed! Good luck. I reckon you have a good chance of winning it.

  2. hanz mcm ada chance je boleh menang... GL to u..
    wah dah ada vanatai.. best tak? best tak?


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