Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sharing Post-Natal Confinement Story

What would you do during post-natal? Confinement is road to recovery, getting your figure back, your health and wish that everything speeds up so that you can get your life back. Love to share my side of story. The Malays way of confinement.

1st Confinement : Rice, rice, rice with lots of ikan haruan cooked steam or grilled with spices. Ayam Kampung (chicken) & a bit of meat was allowed after 30 days. The only vegetable eaten was sawi. Fruits : Just grapes. Beverage : Hot Milo & Hot Coffee & very little plain water.

2nd Confinement : More figure-conscious for this round, breakfast & teatime must take either cornflakes with hot milk or low-salt Jacobs biscuit or Quacker Oat. Very little rice & varieties of side dishes. Ayam kampung (chicken) & several types of fishes (no more haruan but others) cooked steam, pindang, curry, grilled or black-pepper style. More fruits includes grapes, red apples, Sunkist oranges, dates & raisins. Vegetable just sawi. Beverage : Hot Milo & Hot Coffee & Hot Oat Milk.

Medicine & Supplement
I could not take any herbs-related supplement even from the Amway, I only take it after the confinement and I cut down the intake. Reason being, I will have a headache everytime I consume any herbs or spices stuff & I'm nursing my baby exclusively. And I drank 'Pati Ikan Haruan' (Fish Essence) & Brands Inner Shine (Prune essence) a lot especially on the second confinement.

Both 1st & 2nd Confinement : Twice a day must 'bertungku' (hot long metal rod) after bathtime, proceeded with 'bengkung' (Confinement binder). Massage was done between 3rd to 5th day after birth day by Midwife (bidan) for 3 days in a row. I used Amway Tropical Herbs Confinement Set which I loved it very much! Got 'Pilis ' to be rub across forehead to avoid headache, got herbs pack for douche for 1 week (I heart this one). The douche really speeds up the stitching wound & heal the vajayjay part very fast.My confinement binder also from Amway & complete with the herbs concoction to be put around tummy & upper butt. Once finished the dreaded '44 days of pantang', I had another massage. They called this 'penutup' (closure) done again by the same midwife (bidan). But for the 2nd time, I did extras. I went for Post-Natal treatment by Serenity Spa (Leesa Formula) consists of Herbal douche, sauna, massage & flower bath.

No tvs
No reading
No sweeping, moping or any other cleaning-related tasks
No washing even washing dishes is disallowed
No squatting
No folding legs
No bending down
No freestyle sleeping, must sleep straight
No hair down, must tied tight on the top of the head
No going out & must wear socks all the time
No fan (but I reluctant to skip on this one)

This is so far I could remembered. What about you? Care to share your confinement experience?

Hanz's : I've seen & witness nowadays many modern moms are more lenient on their confinement. I remembered a friend of mine drink Coke right after giving birth! As for myself, I refused to wear the kain batik & worn only the long pants all the time yet I received nasty remarks about this from the elders. I considered myself 'kuat pantang' compared with others After many months after confinement, only I dare to take icy drinks & prohibited myself from eating 'laksa' for a year. Don't know why about the laksa thingy but I respected what being told to me.

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  1. oh wow your don'ts list i don't think i could refrain myself from half of the things there! total respect for you, and i could not take the sight of kain batik too, made me feel more depressed so i just kept to my pants and track bottoms! i should try to cut down more on the rice, as your second confinement, and load up on more cereals for breakfast too. thanks for the tip! and good luck with the 3rd one :)


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